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Dedicated server rental


Rent dedicated servers or buy and colocate in our certified data centers across Europe and Russia! Our experts will help you to set them up and migrate your existing system and data.

Choose budget or enterprise-class dedicated servers with your desired components. DEAC reliable data centers ensure the appropriate environment for high performance and high security level 24/7 with possible extra security features according to your business needs.

Increase performance & security level of your databases, analytic workloads, mission-critical or basic applications using HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10 servers!

  • Reduce costs & complexity while increasing performance by 60%

  • Protect your data and apps with fast detection of possible security vulnerabilities

  • Increase security level using Server Configuration Lock that ensures secure transit & locks server hardware configuration

  • Simplify your work with server tuning recommendations provided by Workload Performance Advisor for better server performance

  • DC Persistent Memory offering the flexibility to deploy as dense memory or fast storage and enabling per-socket memory capacity of up to 4.5 TB

HPE Gen10 server rental DEAC

Choose dedicated server to ensure your business process continuity! If your business has IT resources and software with high power requirements, customized dedicated server is what you need. Dedicated server hosting is an ideal solution for high traffic portals, e-commerce or data media streaming, as well as for corporate e-mail systems or data backup.

Dedicated server for your business. Configure now!

Included in price

Unlimited bandwidth DEAC
100 Mbit/s unlimited bandwidth
Free IP addres DEAC
Free IP address
Unmetered 1 Gbit port DEAC
Unmetered 1 Gbit port
Customer support 24/7 DEAC
Customer support 24/7
Genuine components DEAC
100% genuine components

Dedicated server rental DEAC

Server and network administration and monitoring

Use server administration and monitoring to increase IT responsiveness, to get detailed statistics and an up-to-date IT system that ensures continuity of your business processes. DEAC guarantees that you will have required support at any time!

Dedicated server rental DEAC

Latest generation dedicated servers

DEAC is a strategic partner of DELL, HP and other manufacturers. We ensure the latest server technologies to provide high performance and security level. Learn more about all our partners!

Dedicated server rental DEAC

Guaranteed support reaction time

If your business requires a guaranteed technical support reaction time, choose the SLA level that suits you best.

Dedicated server rental DEAC

High availability

Provide your business data with an uninterruptible availability using servers at data centers with high level of access security.


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Dedicated servers –
rental or purchase?

Server setup and

Bare metal server rent and infrastructure reliability

Dedicated servers – rental or purchase?

Server rental allows optimizing expenses, as there is no need to purchase expensive servers and network equipment. Bare metal server rental allows saving finances and provides the stability of services. Your operating expenses (OPEX) will become predictable – server rental without hidden and unpredictable costs.

If required, DEAC experts will provide server administration and monitoring, that allows forgetting the problems of technical personnel and focusing on your main business.

Server setup and configuration

Dedicated server setup and configuration can last from 1 hour to 24 hours for servers available at DEAC stock. In case the server is unavailable, then the setup and configuration may take more time. Our customer service team will inform you on setup specifics for your particular server.

Bare metal server rent and infrastructure reliability

Our quality policy guarantees business continuity. DEAC assures high security standards and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2012 and PCI DSS certified. That confirms DEAC high standards of information security management and defines provision of the highest requirements on protection of valuable information. PCI DSS compliance provides customers payment card data storage, processing and transmitting in appliance with highest-level requirements.

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Can I choose the operating system on my dedicated server?

You can choose the operating system you want to run on the server before placing the order. If you want to install OS or configure any other software yourself, you can do it after the payment is received and access to server provided.

What software can be installed on my dedicated server?

With root access, you can install any software you wish on your server. If it requires a license, you are responsible for purchasing and applying the license. You can choose from a wide range of software while using DEAC hardware rental.

Where is my dedicated server hosted?

When you order a dedicated server, you can choose between DEAC data centers. DEAC operates its own data centers in Latvia and have private suites at a number of data centers throughout the Europe and Russia.

How long does it take for a dedicated server to be set up?

Dedicated servers are available within one to 24 hours after the payment.

What type of RAID do you offer with your servers?

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) 0, 1, 5, 10 etc. versions are designed to increase data reliability, disk space and/or Input/Output (I/O) performance. It is a technique for using multiple hard drives to provide fault tolerance. If needed, dedicated servers come pre-installed with RAID and can be changed to offer different RAID options. We support RAID1.

How much bandwidth is included with each server and how is it metered?

Each server has unlimited amount of bandwidth. Incoming and outgoing bandwidth will not be counted against your monthly usage.

Do you have an uptime guarantee SLA?

DEAC offers three levels of uptime SLA guarantee with standard dedicated servers. Further information on our policies can be found in our Service Level Agreement.

Can I upgrade my server?

Yes, hardware upgrades are available the same business day, contact our customer support via chat form, or by contacting cs@deac.eu.

How many IP addresses can I have?

By default every dedicated server is provided with 1 static IP address free of charge. DEAC has a limit of 5 IP addresses as standard, although further IP addresses are available upon request with justification. You can host several websites on a single IP address.

How many websites and applications can I host on my dedicated server?

On DEAC dedicated servers, you can host several websites on a single IP address.

What happens if a software vendor changes its licensing prices?

If a software vendor changes its licensing prices significant, DEAC will notify you of the details of any changes to future invoices at least one month before the change in licensing prices is applied to your service.

Is it possible to reinstall the OS?

Yes it is possible, please contact customer support via chat form or by contacting cs@deac.eu.

Can DEAC help to move data from my existing host?

We will migrate your data, applications and websites from your previous host – fast and without any downtime. Please contact customer support via chat form, or by contacting cs@deac.eu to discuss details and schedule the migration.

What is the minimum contract length?

The minimum contract length is one month.

What is Server Cluster and Clustering?

Clustering can be best described as a technology that automatically allows one physical server to take over the tasks of another dedicated server that has failed. The obvious goal behind this that users running mission-critical applications will have very less or no at all downtime when such a failure occurs. With server clusters, the end-user receives a mission-critical system solution with high uptime and performance.