IP Transit

DEAC provides IP Transit services for Internet and content providers, cloud-based service providers or large enterprise customers, who need reliable, high-capacity global Internet connectivity. The IP Transit service is based on DEAC international IP network and peers with a large number of backbone providers and major content delivery networks across Europe.

Strong presence in Europe and Russia makes it possible to hand over a very large amount of peering points. MPLS-based fiber backbone ensures the highest standard of quality and connectivity. Choose the best network connections for your data exchange route! Our experts will configure IP transit solution according to your business needs and will provide the required route for fast and secure data transfers. Beyond the standard IPv4 features, DEAC provides full-feature IPv6 service, either as native or dual-stacked with IPv4. Customers can also get a redundant and fault tolerant routing environment by purchasing IP transit from multiple sources. IP Transit services can be provided at customers’ locations and the last mile is an option to be added as an extra component. DEAC private data centers located in Riga, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Kiev, Frankfurt and Stockholm offer seamless interconnections and required security for transferring your data over the network.

Value-added network solution to achieve high-performance of your business – choose IP Transit service by DEAC data centers!

IP Transit DEAC
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With no doubt network nowadays has more devices, services, users and applications connected to it than before. As most processes are digital, make sure your remote work stays effective with required bandwidth. Now that employees are mobile and companies are distributed all over the world, network speed is an integral part of IT processes. Choose reliable DEAC IP transit service built on Juniper Networks routers with fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet and 10-gigabit Ethernet! In cooperation with Juniper Networks, DEAC data centers provide not only reliability to your business and complex IT solutions, but also speed and flexibility to connect essential applications - ideal for high-bandwidth needs.

IP Transit: technical specification

    DEAC fiber network operates using strategically located exchange points across Europe and Russia - London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Moscow, Riga and Kiev. Network is built upon carrier-class routing infrastructure from Juniper Networks, the foremost provider of next-generation IP core routers. IPv6 and IPv4 is supported over the same connection at no additional charge. Highly protected IP Transit service is available from fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet and 10-gigabit Ethernet ports in the specified points of presence via different SDH ports. Ethernet and IP network services allow efficient scaling of bandwidth according to your business needs – up and down, providing high availability and capacity, as well as bandwidth protection. Customer requirements are tailored up to establishing transit links with carefully chosen partners to enhance network diversity.

    Diverse IP Transit network is also available with full redundancy via ports on two different routers. The BGP protocol ensures that Internet traffic always uses the nearest port in the network. If one port becomes unavailable, all traffic is automatically routed via the other port. Select the best suitable route and get an access to global Internet with low latency from the major Tier 1 service providers.

    Access interfaces E1, DS3, STM-1, STM4c, STM16c, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

    IP transit DEAC



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