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Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Use authenticated remote access with encryption techniques and tunneling protocols ensuring only authorized users and devices access to your business data.

Extend your secure connections to any location, network, data center or other connection point. Whether you have multiple offices scattered throughout the world or you simply want to have all of the conveniences and tools of the main office from your home or business locations, virtual private network (VPN) will help.

Virtual Private Network DEAC

Receive help of IT experts DEAC

Receive help of IT experts

Rely on experienced partner DEAC and we will advise and customize your IT solutions together with the network to ensure high security level.

Increase your IT reliability DEAC

Increase your IT reliability using complex solutions

No matter if you need just a VPN server or complex IT solutions, VPN connection can be the key element to ensure reliability and sustainability of your business

VPN tunnel DEAC

A simple VPN tunnel against various threats

Corporate data is always sensitive and can be misused by perpetrators, individuals and corporations, causing huge losses. VPN will give a confidence that your business is insured against various external threats, such as cyber-attacks, phishing-attacks or theft.

Cost-effective communication DEAC

Cost-effective communication

VPN is a cost-effective communication between geographically separated multiple offices to work remotely. Receive a personal private Internet access point for you and your employees.

Why do you need VPN?

Benefits of VPN

VPN is

Why do you need VPN?

VPN tunnel or so-called VPN connection allows using all the necessary applications not only while being in the office, but also from anywhere in the world – whether you are on a business trip or home. The solution enables you to perform from critical business applications, file-sharing, management or accounting software, email, CRM, ERP to a high-quality streaming, videoconferencing and different web based applications within a private network tunnel (VPN tunnel). The solution allows company employees to use secured data transmission, while connecting to VPN via smartphones, laptops or tablets from anywhere.

Benefits of VPN solution

The main advantage of virtual private network technology is the lack of possibility to access your data for cyber-criminals. They will not be able to connect to your secure VPN and endanger the content you are forwarding over the corporate network. The VPN is a must for companies that have geographically separated offices, for example, regional offices, headquarters and branch offices. DEAC specialists configure VPN tunnel according to requirements of the customer and, if necessary, completely synchronize this process with your security services. High performance, security and functionality are only a few benefits of DEAC VPN solution.

The growing demand for cloud technologies has significantly increased the need for use of secure network solutions, including VPN. DEAC provides full scope of IT solutions and, by working with us, you will increase profitability and will be able to put your IT worries aside. Contact our experts and start now!

VPN is

Virtual private network or VPN is a solution that creates a secure private tunnel over public wires by creating a point-to-point dedicated connection. The VPN solution allows only authenticated remote access by using encryption techniques and tunneling protocols ensuring only authorized users and devices access to your business systems and data. This guarantees that the data cannot be intercepted. Expand an enterprise network that carries real-time data applications over a single customer interface and lower your CAPEX/OPEX, while improving productivity by replacing outdated network technology and expensive equipment required for maintaining legacy VPNs.


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