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Network and server administration and monitoring


Deep visibility into capacity, configuration and the security of your equipment and network infrastructure, whether it’s colocated in data center or distributed through cloud infrastructure.

Network, server administration and monitoring is carried out by certified DEAC IT experts and we will alert you about any changes or issues before they become critical or impact availability. Administration and monitoring of equipment and network environment is focused on high availability, service delivery and security.

Service advantages:

  • Resolve issues immediately when receive alerts via email or mobile text messages

  • Guaranteed continuity, monitoring and development

  • IT support at any time of the day 24/7

  • Reduced risk of errors, which guarantees optimal management of business funds

  • Human resource optimization

  • Regular testing: the server and equipment performance, disk space, memory usage and software distribution
Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

A single web console

DEAC server, network administration and monitoring gives you tools to monitor your applications and environment through a single web console.

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

Monitoring for any application you need

Monitoring for wide range of specific and tailor-made application types including application servers, operating systems, authentication servers, database servers and entire business network.

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

Infrastructure analytics for your needs

DEAC monitoring helps delivering operational analytics for end-to-end insights across your entire infrastructure and all mission-critical infrastructure components.

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

Deep visibility

Monitoring provides deep visibility into faults, events, capacity, configurations and security of your server and network elements, whether it is a traditional equipment or distributed cloud infrastructure.

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

Safe business environment

Fast problem detection, incoming alerts and log files review 24/7, immediate reaction in problem situations and detailed information about the capacity of IT system’s parameters will provide you with a safe business environment and development.

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

Increased IT system's performance

Administration of network services, switches, routers, bandwidth and traffic flow will enhance the performance and prevent from occurring failures.

Use our IT expert help to manage and administer all your workstations!

SCCM console will let us administer, protect, keep your applications up-to-date, monitor, decrease power usage, set policies and deliver best user experience. Strict policies will let you set administer roles for your own IT staff and DEAC experts at the same time.

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC


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