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Data center Riga

Data center Riga
DEAC data center Riga

Data center Riga is designed in accordance with EN 50600 Class 3 safety standards and it is one of the largest data centers in the Northern Europe.

The data center infrastructure guarantees an internationally secure and stable connection with invariably high speed. 

Safety standards

The data center was built in compliance with the highest safety standards: it is equipped with double floors that are 600 mm thick and can withstand heavy loads; crosspieces between the floors can support loads as heavy as 2,500 kg/m2. The data center infrastructure complies with TIER IV safety standards. There is physical security, video surveillance, and a biometric access control system on the site.

DEAC data center Riga              DEAC data center Riga

Continuous power supply 

Several independent electric lines supply power to ensure a continuous data flow and system operation. If it is disrupted, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) supply equipment with power until the diesel generators resume generating electricity. Several SDMO diesel generators and APC Symmetra MW UPS systems in the data center guarantee uninterrupted power supply. 

DEAC data center Riga               DEAC data center Riga

Monitoring and control equipment

  • Thermal imager

Can you spot overheated circuit? We can! Real-time thermal imager (also known as infrared camera) is an electrical test equipment used for inspection and quality monitoring of data center infrastructure and systems. Thermal imager allows our experts to control processes and keep our customer’s data secure and accessible. *FLIR – the global leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging infrared cameras.

  • Optical fiber welding

This machine provides system to join optical fiber materials rapidly on the spot. All works are done by certified DEAC IT experts - saving our customer’s time and cutting overall costs. It is especially good for spot welding and small power consecutive welding, ensuring continuity and sustainability of processes.

DEAC data center Riga             Optical fiber welding DEAC

Thermal Imager                                                    Optical fiber welding

Climate control

The equipment of the data center runs without interruption thanks to Emerson Network Power – a doubled climate control system with powerful equipment having its own pumping station and 29 tonnes of liquid coolant. The climate control system maintains an optimal temperature for data (from +22 °C to +24 °C), and it is configured independently from the other equipment.

DEAC data center Riga

Fire safety system

Server rooms are equipped with an automatic fire safety system, which uses gas to suppress fire, thus preventing damage to the equipment. Rooms are equipped with the latest smoke and heat detectors that are connected to fire extinguishing and alarm systems.

DEAC data center Riga              DEAC data center Riga

Diesel generators

If the electric power supply is disrupted simultaneously in all of the electric power leads, the uninterruptible power sources (UPS) of the data center supply power until the diesel generators resume generating electricity.

DEAC data center Riga


Power supply connections

The data center is designed in compliance with Tier IV safety standards: its power supply reaches 2 x 1 MW.

DEAC data center Riga

Telecommunication connections

Independent from communication operators, the data center is connected with several 10 Gbit/s internet channels that unite DEAC communication nodes located in Europe, Russia, Asia, USA, and other parts of the world. The wide data center’s infrastructure provides customers with high availability, a guaranteed speed, and the smallest possible access delay.


DEAC data center Riga

DEAC data center Riga Facts

The capacity of data generated in data center Riga reached 16PB (petabytes) and in the near future this capacity is expected to double. Find out more.

Video surveillance

A video surveillance system CCTV records the events on the premises of the data center as well as its surroundings on a 24/7 basis. Efficient procedures guarantee security of the customers and data. 

Physical security

The data center is monitored by professional security personnel on a 24/7 basis: they ensure compliance with safety measures in the surrounding area and, if necessary, eliminate any hazardous factors.

Electronic security systems

Access to rooms of various importance is controlled with biometric access systems. Biometric data processing systems are the cutting-age electronic security systems that verify and identify individuals according to physical traits and indicators.

 DEAC data center Riga   


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