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DEAC provides its customers with convenient adjustments to service payment methods that enables both - browse and edit billing data information for recurring automatic payments, as well as pay bills online by card. Taking care of customers DEAC continues to provide a variety of options and support for carrying out the payment.

Automatic payments DEAC

Automatic payments

will allow you to review or edit your billing data and recurring automatic payments for services that you use to ensure its continuous operation each month!

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Pay your bills online (by card)

and get the opportunity to pay invoices online by card at DEAC website. We provide different options to facilitate our customers with the most appropriate payment method that fits their business needs.

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Pay your bills online DEAC

DEAC contacts

Phone +371 6707 2100
+7 495 280 1600
Address Čuibes street 17
(ex-Maskavas street 459),
Riga, Latvia, LV-1063
E-mail office@deac.eu

Customer support

Phone +371 6707 2111
+44 203 519 2528
+7 495 280 1620
E-mail support@deac.eu

Sales department

Phone +371 6707 2222
+44 203 519 2527
+7 495 280 1600
E-mail cs@deac.eu

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Secure control systems

Multi-level control, biometric systems, video surveillance and physical security.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Experienced IT experts

Professional and certified IT support 24/7. 

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Data security 24/7

The highest level of data protection against all types of threats.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Flexible service

Superfast and tailored solutions for specific and complex requirements.


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