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Internet Exchange


Link to worldwide ecosystems, business partners, carriers and networks using DEAC’s Internet exchange in Europe.

DEAC’s cross-connect will let you use point-to-point cable link to integrate with global service providers across the world. Benefit from reliable, low latency data exchange for IP transit and direct connect between your clouds. DEAC provides Internet exchange in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Riga, Stockholm, Kyiv to peer major global communication providers’ networks.

Use efficient and reliable connections from global communication providers

Internet Exchange points DEAC
Internet Exchange in data center DEAC

A single port to connect with major Internet service providers

Connect to a single port using DEAC Internet exchange and hand off data traffic to major Internet service providers hassle-free of setting up data links to each provider individually.

Internet Exchange in data center DEAC

Lower overall transit costs for high traffic loads

Lower costs and enhance network performance, speed and reliability at the same time for your high volumes of data traffic.

Internet Exchange in data center DEAC

Meet-to-peer points in Europe

Interconnection for your business data flow from Baltic States to Europe's most demanding IT regions.

Internet Exchange in data center DEAC

Use exact IX functionality that your business needs

Access to private VLAN, optimize your data flow, use the IX to send data, reach CDN's or use direct connect to your public cloud environments.


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