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Hybrid cloud

Migrate your data from public to private cloud and optimize your IT using hybrid cloud's benefits

Migrate from your existing AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Google public cloud to secure DEAC's private cloud creating efficient hybrid environment with predictable costs and high security level. Diversify business risks storing your data in multiple locations.

  • Reduce costs while increasing security level with private cloud
  • Use well-known migration and administration tools for deep visibility and to balance workloads between both clouds
  • Completely transparent prices without hidden storage and traffic costs
  • Wide range of network solutions in major traffic exchange points
  • Receive expert help for fast and secure migration

Smooth migration from global cloud providers and transformation to hybrid cloud

Optimize your infrastructure using benefits of a hybrid cloud. DEAC's Azure, AWS, Google compatible private cloud supports fast and consistent application delivery between your public and private cloud environments. Separated IT infrastructure will increase your business’ security level while administration and monitoring tool will let you manage both architectures in one application.

Migration to hybrid cloud DEAC
High security level DEAC

High security level
Keep your corporate and critical data, applications in private cloud’s separated environment.

Tailor-made solutions DEAC

Tailor-made solution
DEAC experts will configure the solution and infrastructure that fits your business needs.

Wide range of network services DEAC

Wide range of network services
Reliable L2, L3 with VPN connections in major traffic exchange points in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Riga.

Easy-to-use administration platform DEAC

Easy-to-use administration platform
Manage your both clouds using automated tool to migrate in-between when necessary.

Features and Benefits

A global leader hypervisor

Increase your business’ privacy, confidentiality and security level using private cloud solution built on leading hypervisor in the market – VMware or Hyper-V.

High performance private cloud

Reliable HP, DELL and Intel® Xeon® /x86 powerful processors will guarantee your private cloud capabilities to process all your workloads and data.

Choose cloud storage type for your needs

Support for multiple storage architectures. On-premises object storage, file or block storage – choose storage type your private cloud platform needs.

Administrate your cloud pool

Allocate compute capacity for created instances in order to create IT architecture that supports your business.

Secure private data center for your cloud infrastructure

Reliable DEAC’s private data centers maintain high security level and are compliant with ISO 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2019, as well as PCI DSS standards.

Ability to quickly scale

Private manager and support 24/7 will always help to customize cloud according to your needs. Quickly available IT infrastructure to increase your cloud power or storage when you need it.

Connect your cloud using reliable network across Europe

Direct and redundant connection to Equinix data center included in price!

DEAC provides efficient and reliable connections from global communication providers thru major traffic exchange points in Europe. Link with global clouds using Internet exchange to connect between your AWS, Azure, Alibaba or Google cloud infrastructures.
Lower overall transit costs for high traffic loads and receive 1Gbit/s link included in the price for disaster recovery and backup services!

Why to choose DEAC for hybrid cloud

Monitor and manage your cloud architectures DEAC

Monitor and manage your cloud architectures

Use tested and well-known migration and administration tools for advanced security and compliance policies – ManageIQ, Hystax, Cloudbolt, Veeam

Lower overall transit costs for high traffic loads DEAC

Reduced total transit costs for high traffic loads

Lower costs and enhance network performance, speed and reliability at the same time for your high volumes of data traffic.

Tailor-made solutions and your personal project manager DEAC

Tailor-made solutions and your personal project manager

Our experts will help with all migration steps and will configure solutions in accordance with your business needs.

Known exact location of your data DEAC

Known exact location of your data

Keep your business data secured in DEAC's data centers. Transfer your data from one data center to other when you need it!

Talk to an expert to create a cost effective solution while increasing the security level!