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Database performance tuning & optimization


Does your application performance slow down and impede efficient work of your IT systems and resources? We know issues that you face - our experts will help with SQL performance tuning & optimization!

Instead of adding more and more servers, which may not solve the issue, review of query execution plans reveals actual issues with SQL performance. Stop guessing - analysis helps to create a clear path to the issue! Understanding your database performance drivers provides a clear vision if, for example, moving to flash storage or adding server capacity will improve DB performance and how much.

Your benefits improving SQL performance

  • Better end users experience – eliminate complaints about entire systems and applications slow-down

  • Save your time – we have the necessary expertise for SQL tuning

  • Even a small change can have a dramatic impact especially when working with large-scale data, DEAC experts analyze every aspect of your database

  • We will improve your performance in cooperation with software database developer

  • Lower infrastructure costs and convenient data migration

Step-by-step database performance fine tuning

Database performance tuning DEAC

First phase – thoroughly analysis

Our experts will examine impact of any change from every angle by reviewing database index and identifying problems with response time analysis tools. Response time analysis helps not only to point out what is causing a query to be slow, it correlates waiting times with queries, response times, hardware resources, storage performance, plans and other parameters to understand the situation in database.

Database performance tuning DEAC

Second phase – execution plan

Development of a plan will serve as a road map for DB fine tuning. If analysis reveals problems with hardware, DEAC IT experts will suggest how to upgrade your resources, though in case of SQL query performance tuning, issues will be solved in cooperation with system developers until everything works smoothly.

Database optimization DEAC

Third phase – database optimization

Actual SQL query optimization, which can significantly increase SQL query performance, SQL customer code optimization and database index management in cooperation with system developers.

Database monitoring DEAC

Forth phase – database monitoring

As workloads change and data grows, there is always place for improvements. We compare initial measurements to prove DB tuning made a difference and continue to take new measurements to track database performance and resource metrics. We provide server and network monitoring and administration, as well.

Every program or application stores information in the database - accounting program, CRM, ERP, BI software, e-commerce webstore, cash registers and POS terminals, FinTech and others. By detecting SQL problems our experts will improve performance of 1C, HansaWorld Books, Galaktika ERP, Visma Horizon, Parus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (previously - Dynamic AX or Axapta), SAP Finance and other programs. Let our professional team help you with Microsoft SQL Server tuning, Oracle Database, MySQL Database, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and SAP HANA DB


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