Data Migration

Data migration is a multistage process of transferring accounting, management, database or other business data between several IT systems. Whether it is between data storage systems, moving data to third-party cloud providers, database or application migration, it is necessary to create a thought-out plan to minimize downtime risks. DEAC provides a secure step-by-step cloud, storage, database and application migration between customers’ in-house or third party equipment and DEAC data centers IT systems.

When the need for seamless data migration and workload mobility is becoming one of the biggest challenges business is facing, data center expertise is extremely important. Whether it is a data center relocation, consolidation, disaster recovery plan or a cloud transformation, DEAC has the experienced team, tools and expertise to accelerate success. DEAC collaborates with industry-leading service providers and vendors, enabling a single point-of-contact for customers through all phases of the migration process. This approach creates a cost-effective, risk-averse migration strategy for both virtual, cloud migrations and physical relocations.

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Data Migration DEAC

DEAC’s long-term experience, flexible infrastructure and certified experts guarantee high quality data migration to or between our reliable data centers, as well as customer’s infrastructure. DEAC data migration plan considers data and application portability, data integrity, privacy and security as the main factors to ensure business continuity while creating and processing data center migration. Your data can be placed on private, public and hybrid cloud, dedicated or virtual servers connected with necessary network services. You can choose ready-to-use and tailor-made IT solutions to fit your business system requirements.

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Cloud migration

Database migration

Application migration

DEAC provides full data migration process from customers’ in-house hardware to cloud environments (cloud-to-cloud migration). Moving data, storage, applications or other business’ IT elements to cloud ensures availability, safety and continuity without critical operations. If necessary, during the data migration progress, DEAC uses cloud integration tool to bridge any gaps between customer’s and DEAC’s technologies. We will also reduce the need for physical servers by migrating your data to virtual environments.

Database migration is a change of software platform that requires deep exploration of both platforms to ensure the highest integration level between old and new components and features while not affecting application layer. Our certified migration process and data center relocation experts handle database move to DEAC’s platform securely by creating full process plan and documentation to minimize the risk of specific feature loss.

Due to the fact that applications have their own data model and platform configurations, which that can differ from those in the environment, where application was deployed, it is very important to make a step-by-step migration plan to exclude any delays in migration timeline, data loss or cost overruns. DEAC creates individual migration plan that fits customers’ data volume, application type, source and destination architecture.



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