Dedicated Servers

DEAC data centers provide ready-to-work servers as well as customized servers according to individual business needs with the highest data availability and security level. Server cluster solution allows handling more processing power and more demanding workloads for high performance projects. Enjoy predictable monthly server rental costs with no investments!

Dedicated Servers DEAC

IT solutions DEAC

IT solutions DEAC

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DEAC strives to make it easy for our customers to stay secure and compliant by providing IT hardware rental designed to satisfy a number of widely accepted standards. DEAC data centers infrastructure meets the various compliance regulations set on physical environment, security controls and enterprise-grade Cisco network infrastructure, including those set under PCI and ISO guidelines. Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo and HP are our strategic partners for giving you the highest satisfaction world-class vendors infrastructure and equipment. Partnerships with major OS vendors like VMware, redHat and Oracle make sure your operations run smoothly.

Variety of IT hardware

Benefits of IT hardware

When choosing DEAC hardware rental, based on data center architecture - you don't have to be concerned about setup, as our team of certified experts will assist in getting your server up and running quickly. We stock hundreds of servers and components, providing a wide range of combinations of peripherals, software and operating systems. Choose the IT hardware from DEAC large inventory of Dell, HP and other vendors that best suits you and then modify it to meet your unique needs with even more bandwidth, backup plans, DDoS protection and more. Fully customized IT hardware will provide your sites and applications with a higher level of security, speed and uptime.

IT hardware rental is being used for a variety of services such as website, database and application hosting, data storage or backup. Once it comes to business critical data and high spikes of traffic, the server cluster solution is a must.

    The advantages of a dedicated server:
  • unshared and unlimited Internet access (100 Mbit/s)
  • better performance
  • full root control
  • several websites or applications on one server
  • can install custom and specialized software

Use server administration and monitoring to avoid any set up worries and to ensure effective server operations without extra administration duties.

Dedicated servers: technical specification

    With data storage solutions provided by data center architecture, you will get a wide range of combinations of peripherals, software and operating systems for your server tasks. With full root and administration rights, you can tailor towards your hosting specifications and requirements or reboot managed dedicated server yourself. Enjoy 100% dedicated internet connectivity, hardware or disk space as well as uptime will not be affected by other customer activities beyond your control.

    DEAC’s redundant network architecture is based on Cisco networking hardware, and provides high-speed and high-capacity connectivity to major internet backbones. We guarantee our network is never more than 70% utilized, ensuring a high performance and low latency for your IT hardware.

    All DEAC dedicated servers are equipped with redundant system components to ensure machines running even if primary resources fail. Data storage solutions, as well as all data center infrastructure is supported by Cisco, HP, Dell hardware and VMWare software to ensure the highest performance for your solution. Automated backup and recovery options safeguards the future of your business against unexpected data losses.


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