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Dedicated servers or server clusters rental provided by experienced data center operator DEAC – will ensure your servers’ maximum performance, business continuity and data security. DEAC data centers provide the highest data availability and security level. We provide ready-to-work servers as well as customized servers according to your individual business needs. Predictable monthly server rental costs, without one-time large investments.

Network and equipment guarantee DEAC Reliable server hardware DEAC Wide range of dedicated solutions DEAC

Network and equipment guarantee

Dedicated server comes with a standard 99.95% network uptime guarantee and 100% hardware guarantee

Reliable server hardware

Leading world manufacturers’ equipment and reliable data centers with 10Gbit/s connections throughout the Europe

Wide range of dedicated solutions

Ready-to-use server rental or rental with purchase option, individual configurations and server clusters with rapid resources scalability

DEAC Dedicated server rental

Dedicated server rental

- maximum performance, flexibility and control of rented equipment – this is what is required for fast and uninterruptible work with required software and for business data processing and storage. DEAC dedicated server rental meets the highest data availability requirements, that ensures your business continuity and development.

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Server clusters

- highst level of data security, availability and computing power! According to your needs, DEAC will create powerful server system combined with data storage system. Choose DEAC server clusters solution and pay only for the consumed resources!

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DEAC Server clusters

DEAC volume deals

Volume deals

- Hundreds of pre-installed servers and fully equipped racks at DEAC data centers are here to suit fast growing and high-loaded IT projects across Europe. High-loaded IT projects serving thousands of users with locations across Europe fulfill their business needs with our solution developed on ready-to-use infrastructure. Choose from pre-configured solutions to individual configurations designed according to your requirements!

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Server stock clearance

- choose most suitable ready-to-work server from our stock for a great price! High quality standards and security procedures at DEAC data centers ensure maximum performance of equipment. We offer server rental as well as rental with purchase options. Order ready-to-work DELL, HP and IBM servers now and get free setup!

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DEAC Server stock clearance

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Technical specifications

    With a bare metal dedicated server, you’ll get a wide range of combinations of peripherals, software and operating systems for your server tasks. With full root and administration rights, you can tailor towards your hosting specifications and requirements or reboot server yourself. Enjoy 100% dedicated internet connectivity, hardware or disk space as well as uptime will not be affected by other customer activities beyond your control.

    DEAC’s redundant network architecture is based on Cisco networking hardware, and provides high-speed and high-capacity connectivity to major internet backbones.  We guarantee our network is never more than 70% utilized, ensuring a high performance and low latency for your servers.

    All DEAC dedicated servers are equipped with redundant system components to ensure machines running even if primary resources fail. All data center infrastructure is supported by Cisco, HP, Dell hardware and VMWare software to ensure the highest performance for your solution. Automated backup and recovery options safeguards the future of your business against unexpected data losses.