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Redundant #network and reliable #cloud plays important role in the business expansion. Open new markets with @DEACdc https://t.co/b3a68kHRGq https://t.co/wdZUwLol2a

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Updated technologies are helping countries like #Latvia to attract EU businesses for #outsourcing abroad while keeping them at close touch https://t.co/4wKHzWHb5h

1 days ago

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Collaborative technologies are helping countries such as #Poland, #Latvia or #Lithuania to attract European businesses that want to take #IT services abroad while keeping them at close touch.

1 days ago

Lower initial costs and high adoption to your personal computer or any other workplace is what makes advantage of #SaaS for any business. Reduce costs up to 30% on licences per year with integrated and ready-to-use software programs: https://goo.gl/hX31uU #software #SQL #MSExchange #AutoCAD #Email #softwarerent

12 days ago

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