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Increase your #dataprivacy, #confidentiality, and #security level using a #privatecloud solutions. IT infrastructure that is not shared with others and ...

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Learn more about a few of the clear advantages of #cloud #backup that can make life easier for a #business: https://t.co/SPGxrnP4jz https://t.co/cqjfjm1cyO

1 days ago

Here's more on data #backup and #disasterrecovery, as well as why they're important: https://t.co/sGm0hBDlmm https://t.co/bY1yXVb6lA

3 days ago

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“We have already improved energy efficiency by upgrading cooling systems, adding chillers and creating new cold-hot aisle solution in the server rooms. Using ...

12 months ago

DEAC starts testing new ARM CPU based servers equipment with 2x80Core with a total volume of 160core for E-KLASE environment. An ARM server, or Advanced RISC ...

12 months ago

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