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Data center in Frankfurt

Data center in Frankfurt
DEAC data center in Frankfurt


Maximum availability, superfast connection between all DEAC data center locations in Europe.

Flexible and scalable infrastructure of your choice.

Start your business expansion from Frankfurt data center and enjoy premium service quality and comprehensive tiered support at any time.

Safety standards

The data center is built to the industry’s most stringent standards – the Uptime Institute Tier IV specifications. The data center uses computerized Building Management Systems (BMS) that monitor and remotely operate sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection and leak detection systems.

Continuous power supply 

Advanced continuous power supply at a minimum of N+1 ensures guaranteed uptime. The indefinite of data center is supported by rotary 4 of a kind back-up generators/diesel-engines/fly-wheel-combination. 

Monitoring and control equipment

Ongoing maintenance and investment State-of-the-art building management systems monitor each critical element of the facility. The data center also has rigorous and comprehensive maintenance and investment program.

Climate control

The data center utilizes a robust heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system which delivers stable air flow, temperature and humidity for efficiency equipment operation. Close Control Units (CCUs) provide conditioned air to the data floors.

Fire safety system

The data center has high sensitivity smoke detection systems (VESDA) that immediately detects airborne heat and smoke particles. Fully addressable two-stage fire detection system monitors the underfloor, room and ceiling void space (smoke and heat).

Power supply connections

The data center is designed in compliance with Tier IV safety standards: its power supply reaches 9 MW.

Telecommunication connections

As a carrier-neutral data center there is a wide choice of network providers for greater choice, flexibility, network resilience, cost savings and speed to market. 

Video surveillance

The data center has adopted a multi-layered approach to security and access, operating from the outer perimeter inwards to the building. 

Physical security

The data center has an on-site security center manned on 24/7 basis: they ensure an access only to registered people following pre-notification and personal identification. 

Electronic security systems

The data center is built in accordance to unified security-breach alarm with access monitoring and secure monitored single-person entry.


IT Business Solutions DEAC
Reliable data centers

Excellent safety standards and excellent quality of service.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
High data availability

Uptime delivery up to 99.995 % with justified service guarantees.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Data security 24/7

The highest level of data protection against all types of threats.


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