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Data Center Kyiv

Data center in Kyiv DEAC

Convenient location to support your business in Ukraine and around the Europe with independent power supply lines. Data center is connected with all other DEAC data centers and provides low latency connectivity. Data center Kyiv is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and availability corresponds to 99,982% availability for Tier III Standard TIA-942.

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Data center Kyiv DEAC


7500 m2


redundancy N+1, 2N+1


2 x 5 MW

Data center in Kyiv DEAC

Power and Cooling

Two independent power supply lines - PJSC ”KYIVENERGO”: “Kabelna“ substation and “Obolon” substation. Each line can provide up to 5 MW of power.

Data center Kyiv ensures cooling using one of the leading manufacturer technologies - EMERSON with N+1 or 2N Coolant-water or Freon. As for today, six chillers operate with the power of 200 kVA for each. The system that provides cool water for fan coil designed with N+1 redundancy for increasing reliability of the system.

Power transformers

4 x 1000 kVA

Reserve power supply

Diesel generator

Number of diesel-generators


Power of 1 DG

500 kVA

Step on power of UPS

200 kVA

Number of UPS


Level of condition system’s

N+1, 2N+1

Cooling system

chiller-fan coil

Step unit of power chiller

200 kVA

Number of chillers


Data center in Kyiv DEAC

Security system

Data center Kyiv ensures access control system 24/7, video surveillance systems without blind spot, emergency button to the police office, twenty-four hours agreed system of access to the customers' equipment. Saving of video surveillance recordings up to 60 days.

Data center in Kyiv DEAC

Fire safety system

Gas, centralized, in a place of the requirement Chladone Gas (HFC-227ea FM 200). Each module has its own network address for gas supplying, the number of active gas balloon that has double number. In individual module available the setting system of early fire detection.

Telecommunication connections

Independent from communication operators, the data center is connected with several 10 Gbit/s internet channels that unite DEAC communication nodes located in Europe, Asia, USA and other parts of the world. The wide data centers’ infrastructure provides customers with high availability, a guaranteed speed and the smallest possible access delay.