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Data Center Stockholm

Data Center Stockholm
Data center in Stockholm DEAC

Data center Stockholm offers a range of valuable interconnection opportunities. Data center has flexible, scalable power densities and configurations, as well as a robust heating ventilation and air conditioning system that delivers stable airflow, temperature and humidity for efficient equipment operation.

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Data center in Stockholm DEAC
Colocation space:
3554 m2
designed according to Tier IV
N+1 MW

Data center Stockholm benefits

Data center in Stockholm DEAC
Data center Stockholm offers scalable technical space, leading operational resilience, world-class security and a high-performance network ecosystem
Data center in Stockholm DEAC
Data center boast an industry-leading, high average uptime track record of >99.99999% globally

Data center in Stockholm DEAC


PCI DSS, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001

Data center in Stockholm DEAC

Power and Cooling

Data center Stockholm provides power and cooling redundancy N+1. Every site provides uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and standby diesel generators.

Data center Stockholm utilizes free cooling to achieve leading power usage effectiveness and minimize its environmental impact.

Power and Cooling Density
1,5 kW per Cabinet
Utility Feeders
2 x 11 kW incoming feeds
UPS Configuration
Parallel redundant
UPS Redundancy
Standby Power Configuration
3 x 1,760 kW Generators
3 x 720 kW
Standby Power Redundancy
Cooling Configuration
Chilled water
Cooling Redundancy

Data center in Stockholm DEAC

Fire safety system

Fire suppression - FM200, double knock fire suppression activation.

Data center in Stockholm DEAC

Physical security

Segregated security access area, proximity access card + PIN, 24x7 security officers.

Electronic security systems

Card Readers, Biometric Readers, PIN + Card Reader, CCTV and Recorders, Motion Detection.

Telecommunication connections

Independent from communication operators, the data center is connected with several 10 Gbit/s internet channels that unite DEAC communication nodes located in Europe, Russia, Asia, USA and other parts of the world. The wide data centers’ infrastructure provides customers with high availability, a guaranteed speed and the smallest possible access delay.

Data center in Stockholm DEAC


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