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Why to choose data backup?

Why to choose data backup?
28.05.2015 | Rating

Data backup is not a whim or a luxury, but an essential guarantee of preservation of sensitive information, which often affects the existence of your business. That’s why we have developed and implemented a new, upgraded version of data backup solution or BaaS (Backup as a service). BaaS has wide options for internet users to store different data types in data backups at one or several of DEAC’s data centers in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Riga. 

According to our observations, the most popular data types used for the data backup are folders with Word and Excel documents, photos and videos, emails, different small and medium databases, accounting programs, CRM, ERP and BI systems, workstations, servers etc.

You can create and recover data copies at any time you consider, we provide our customers with a maximum choice to adapt this solution to their needs – even data encryption is optional for your data. The capacity of the stored data starts at 100 Gb (gigabytes) and can be quickly adjusted to your needs.

Round a clock technical support will help you to avoid any coincidences. A big plus to your data security – availability to choose data encryption for any files and systems. And the most important, BaaS will work as an emergency recovery in a force major situation if the sensitive data is lost, saving businesses from harmful loss or even from closing down.

Data backup BaaS DEAC

An outstanding part of BaaS is a multilevel centralized management system that allows you to fully control the backup process, provides with an access management and self-service mode to customize data backup location, frequency, capacity and time of backups on demand.


Take into account that backup copies can help you recover sensitive data in case of an emergency, saving your business from unnecessary expenses and even protecting it against closing down.

Sounds easy? Moreover, the user mode is even simpler. Make sure you have an internet connection, than pick necessary data for backup from your computer or server. Use Tivoli software interface to organize data copying process in manual or automatic mode - customize data backup and storage location, frequency, capacity and time. Your backup data will be located in DEAC cloud in one or several cities of your choice - London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Riga. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can restore data on your computer or server at any time.

For your convenience we have developed a customized calculator to help you to configure your BaaS service to perfection – all you have to do is pick the main and/or remote data center for your data copies, encryption and capacity of backup process. Easy online ordering platform allows you to buy a service in a click! Besides you get a pay-as-you-go model - we will charge you only for exact backup storage amount you need.

More about BaaS, including technical specification can be found here

Data backup BaaS DEAC


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