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Better than a server can be only the server cluster

Better than a server can be only the server cluster
DEAC | 07.07.2015 | Rating

News portals, e-commerce and online gaming websites, insurance companies’ and credit institutions’ services, software developers and testers – all of the mentioned has special and high requirements for the data security and accessibility, as well as data center computing power.  European data center operator DEAC offers a new, powerful “Server Clusters” solution that meets all the requirements.

Server cluster means several physical servers and network infrastructure merged into one solution. All data and applications are located in secure DEAC data centers in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Riga. Data provided by server cluster solution can be accessed instantly from any point in the world as long as Internet network coverage is available.

Server Cluster scheme DEAC

DEAC customers that chooses server cluster solution can define what is that he considers most important: high data availability (High-availability cluster, HA), load balancing (Load balancing cluster) or the highest performance (High performance computing cluster, HPC). Server cluster system allows to choose the necessary Random Access Memory (RAM), processors and hard disk drive (HDD) amount. Not only the server cluster technical specifics are adjustable, but also the geographical position as well. 

Solution is provided by excellent hi-end equipment and high quality support. In case of new tasks or requirements, the project is fully scalable – additional computing power can be adjusted as required or immediately.

It takes up to few days to implement the solution and in some cases – equipment and network infrastructure is available immediately after placing the order. 


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