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How ISO 22301:2012 certified DC helps to avoid business downtime

How ISO 22301:2012 certified DC helps to avoid business downtime
DEAC | 26.07.2018

According to Gartner, one minute of downtime on average can lead to $5 600 losses to business. The scale of damage obviously depends on the size of the enterprise, though existence of the business is still being seriously threatened by these figures. Up to 45% of businesses close after various incidents, out of the remaining 25% will close in 2 years.

The main cause of incidents, which result in downtime, actually is human factor. Lack of proper disaster recovery plan and personnel trainings lead to errors made by employees often due to ordinary negligence. Unplanned updates and various patches in the system or program can also provoke emergency, which is the second major cause for disasters. Besides, technical issues in the server room, power outages, onsite fire or other force majeure situations may be the cause, too.

ISO 22301:2012 data center DEAC

Still how to avoid the fate of 45% enterprises, that close after such incidents? IT experts suggest paying attention to critical processes of your business and preparing in advance with disaster recovery plan for stable growth and continuous availability. Despite the fact that 70% of enterprises have recovery plan in place, still in 33% of cases enterprises are not ready for attacks as it is not enough just to prepare the plan but also to integrate it. The best option is to rely on professionals for creation and implementation of the action plan, who will take in account individual requirements of your business.

Continuity of the data center plays a key role in risk diversification and uninterruptible business processes of any enterprise as business downtime leads to significant losses. Calculate potential losses of your business downtime with our online calculator! When choosing IT provider, make sure to check the reliability of the infrastructure and correspondence with world-known standards for business security and continuity management. ISO 22301:2012 certification (Business Continuity Management System) is an approved international standard, which is the only reliable standard in the world for effective management of business continuity.

Storing and processing data in ISO 22301:2012 certified data center ensures high level of availability and disaster recovery plan in case of incidents. This is an additional guarantee for business as data center is not only your data storage and processing place but also backup location to recover operations in minutes. “Our customers’ business continuity directly depends on the continuous work of our data centers, which is the most demanded aspect by customers,” comments DEAC CEO Andris Gailītis.

“Proud to say that DEAC is the only ISO 22301:2012 certified data center in Baltic countries. Our experts provide professional consultations and ensure smooth migration to secure data center without unplanned downtime. Moreover, data storage in European data centers in the EU jurisdiction ensures proper data protection,” explains A.Gailitis.

While many data centers claim a high level of continuity, only a part confirms this with the sign of quality and reliability - ISO 22301:2012 certificate. Company DEAC recently announced that both data centers in Riga have received the high assessment of ISO 22301:2012 certification and independent approval about the use of the most effective and fastest ways to recover data center operations in case of interruptions. The scope of Private Data Centers DEAC certification is data center administration and services including cloud services, colocation, network services and dedicated servers.

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