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Superfast is the new key to business success

Superfast is the new key to business success
DEAC | 08.04.2015 | Rating

Data center solutions can become a powerful tool to cut costs on IT, focus on business development and reduce risks of losing sensitive data down to minimum.  But when it comes to the last phase of the project, many companies face IT development projects struggle due to the lack of time – misalignment between what businesses want and when it can receive a solution can affect business performance, competitiveness and opportunity for growth.

Usually mainstream data centers partly outsource their services, which takes over long periods to deliver to the end consumer. Therefore, nowadays it is a norm that, for instance, setting up an interconnection between racks in data center can take up to several weeks.

In DEAC we know that our customer’s projects must be completed on time and on a budget successfully, therefore we have significantly reduced the time for implementation of data center services to our customers.

Superfast implementation of data center services - within just 1 hour after agreeing the deal

For our experienced team it takes just 1 hour to implement key data center services. For instance, rack-room wiring takes just up to one hour instead of several weeks, so businesses can rapidly implement IT projects and react quicker to market changes. Cloud configuration or setting up a connection between largest traffic exchange points now takes less time than travelling from London to Paris by the fast train.

Now with DEAC’s superfast service implementation, businesses can launch IT projects over shorter periods, reducing the time of service delivery to the end customer. Our recent research results show, that DEAC is able to implement seven of its key services to customers just one hour after agreeing a deal. By some estimates, this has the potential to be one of the fastest service implementation amongst all European data centers.

You would ask how this could be possible. Being a carrier-neutral data center operator, DEAC is not hindered by being serviced by other providers, enabling DEAC engineers to minimize the time between receiving and delivering a service, which is so critical to many companies. Thus, DEAC do not outsource its infrastructure to a third party – company own, operate, control and have physical access to all data center’s infrastructure.

We contribute to the services flexibly and practice tailored approach as a suitable strategy for the customer’s business. At our data centers we build custom solutions for each individual project, and implement them with one of the fastest speeds available in Europe. We are proud, that more than 2500 DEAC customers in 40 countries are using our tools to achieve new levels of their business efficiency and sustainable growth.


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