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Remote work has become much safer and easier

Remote work has become much safer and easier
DEAC | 10.06.2015 | Rating

Day by day, we become more mobile, and modern gadgets and widgets allow us to solve multiple problems on the go – search for information, buy goods, make appointments and deals.

Recently VMware polled 10 000 workers from 17 countries in a survey, which revealed that 48% workers use their smartphones and 21% - tablets for daily work. Experts foresee that these numbers are going to increase substantially, and the reason is the ongoing demand for the fast information exchange and decision-making.

Many of us work remotely from our offices, making strategic decisions anywhere and anytime. This has become the trend for our generation, but the question is – does all these users really receive an efficient solution for the remote work – safe, fast, reliable and with minimal expenditures?

All above mentioned characterize virtual desktop service or DaaS (Desktop as a Service) – solution is based on the DEAC cloud to ensure the secure and continuous work process. DaaS grants you with an access via internet connection to your programs, apps or any other data remotely from anywhere, on any device – PC, notebook, thin clients (terminal), tablet or even smartphone.

Virtual desktop DaaS DEAC

Available from any plane, on any device - in the secure DEAC cloud

You do not need an extra spending on employee training – DaaS allows you to run typical desktop interface you are used to work with. Thousand miles may separate your office computer from your virtual desktop, and still you can work without any interruptions or delays.

Each user receives necessary guaranteed virtual desktop configurations with required softs and programs. When using DaaS, you can log off from your office computer, return to the same program later on the notebook or tablet, and continue from the same place at which you stopped. DaaS enables you to activate all peripheral devices connected to your device – you can even print document from the office’ printer, just using your smartphone.

And it’s not just a fashion trend. Virtual desktop is a complete tool every company can use to organize their employees daily workflow. Desktop as a Service solution is truly universal: it is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, regardless if their budget, number of employees and geographical location.

You can now integrate different personal devices into your corporate environment; the security of your business information will remain at the highest level. All data is stored in the secure DEAC cloud build in the comprehensive data center’ infrastructure in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Riga, so sensitive information and data will remain untouched, even if device is compromised.


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