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DEAC among the largest European providers of virtual resources

DEAC among the largest European providers of virtual resources

European data center operator DEAC has made a big step forward in company and its infrastructure development by upgrading existing data center equipment and enlarging data storage and processing capacity. IT outsourcing company has significantly raised its service quality level that allows providing customers with one of the most modern data processing and storage solutions in the Northern Europe, ranking DEAC among the largest European providers of virtual resources. 

Within the last years cloud computing has become one of the fastest growing segment in the data center industry, showing demand for available and unlimited virtual resources among many businesses. New virtual solution provides flexible and dynamic management of computing resources, offering to create and manage unlimited virtual machines and adjust power as well as use of infrastructure to cut costs on IT and reduce capital investments to minimum. Reliable virtualization systems allows clients to create and manage their private clouds – run dynamic calculations, manage accounting and trading processes as well as maintain extensive databases online from anywhere.

„8 out of 10 global industry representatives are operating with equal or similar IT equipment, and company’s current level of development strengthens its international competitiveness in the global IT industry, offering reliable, unique and exclusive solutions across Latvia and Baltic states. We have doubled data processing speed and safety of deployed data, providing clients with the highest level of availability possible in this geographical region, gaining 99,99% during the last period,” says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis. 

The capacity of DEAC’s virtual platform storage has reached 200TB (terabytes) and within the next few years storage capacity is about to expand up to 900TB which is roughly equivalent of 4 billion books. Overall capacity of the data stored in the new virtual platform can be increased up to thousands of TB. Four-fold increase in storage capacity will be achieved by using the world’s most advanced HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 storage system providing client’s businesses with the access to unlimited data storage and high processing capacity. 

Largest European providers of virtual resources, DEAC

Technical specification

Storage infrastructure is upgraded with the most advanced hardware components - system’s high end storage array is configured with the 4th generation specialized high-speed SAS (Serial-attached SCSI), SATA (Serial ATA) and SSD (Solid-State Drive) drives with automatic load-balance between them and energy-efficient performance.

High performance of the first virtualization platform is provided by twenty HP Performance servers and company plans to increase the number of servers up to many hundreds in the coming future. For the faster virtual machine performance platform is connected to servers with the independent SAN (Storage Area Network) data exchange network providing speed of data flow up to 16 Gbit/s. 

Architecture is integrated with VMware vSphere 5.5 latest programming solutions, becoming safe and convenient solution to manage and maintain cloud resources.  

LAN (Local Area Network) infrustructure  is provided by Juniper QFX high-speed cluster with a 40Gbit/s stacking switches with up to 10Gbit/s upstream channels connected to the world’s largest traffic points in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and other countries. 

As DoS (Denial of Service) attacks have become more frequent and usually affect the global network, DEAC has implemented efficient protective measures and advanced systems to lower risks and prevent client’s servers and data center’s systems against cyber-attacks. 

Firewall cluster system Juniper SRX reduces the risk of unauthorized data streaming and eliminates an unauthorized access to the data deployed in the data center. Solution is implemented into two independent physical data centers to provide the highest level of security and availability. 

Achievements and vision

DEAC has achieved a rapid economic growth since 2010, receiving a triple turnover during the last four years. Company has reached 8 million euro turnover and doubling its revenue up to 1,61 million euro. The rapid pace of company’s development is explained by expansion in the markets of CIS countries, gaining progress in development and overall brand awareness even in the distant areas of neighborhood. DEAC future plans include expanding activities in the US and West European countries, as well as development of the new data center’s infrastructure in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London.


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