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DEAC at ECOM21 conference: Business continuity in e-commerce

DEAC at ECOM21 conference: Business continuity in e-commerce
16.11.2012 | Rating

In November DEAC participated in international e-commerce conference „eCOM21” that took place in Riga. More than 20 speakers and over 250 participants from CIS countries, Europe, USA, Israel, Canada, Australia and News Zealand took part in the event.

Conference organizer – Rietumu bank has provided well-prepared platform for discussing practical topics on e-commerce, where a lively discussion was provoked by DEAC representation office director Oleg Naskidaev, that has spoken as an expert with a report “Your data centers in Europe – warranty of successful strategic business development”. In its report, DEAC has pointed out main benefits of using European data centers, and indicated main DEAC achievements in CIS countries with the last 3 years. Particularly, DEAC plans on active development of own cloud IT infrastructure, which will be a secure platform for CIS countries business development in European Union.

For 2 days DEAC personnel have actively consulted conference participants at DEAC stand, where every participant could discuss actual issues and virtually visit DEAC European data centers by means of video trailer.

Being first large e-commerce event in the Baltics, „eCom21“ conference fully justified itself. Along with market trends, relevant issues on tax regulations in e-commerce were raised, as well as online trade business management structure organization, particular features of using e-money, data storage and processing centers opportunities, the security of business operations in internet and other relevant practical aspects.

The value of the event was proven by DEAC customers’ arrival from Kiev. The customers once again saw the high quality and efficiency of events, organized by Baltic partners.

Resuming DEAC participation in „eCom21“, it is worth noting, that for the business of CIS countries the issue of rational use of cloud IT infrastructure in Europe is becoming more crucial. As well as providing data and business security by creating a minimum of one data storage/processing point in European data center, business continuity and IT costs optimization.

At the end of the conference Rietumu Bank first vice-president – Ruslan Stecjuk mentioned: “ In terms of technologies development and Internet connection speed - Latvia is one of the world leading countries, that’s is why Riga was chosen for the “eCom21” conference. Considering huge interest towards the event in the business community, one can predict that the event will become regular. The conference of that kind will, of course, attract more business and capital in e-commerce sphere, and Riga has all the chances of becoming an undisputed European e-com capital city.”


DEAC at ECOM21 conference
DEAC at ECOM21 conference

DEAC at ECOM21 conference

DEAC at ECOM21 conference

DEAC at ECOM21 conference

DEAC at ECOM21 conference


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