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DEAC began conquering Ukrainian market

DEAC began conquering Ukrainian market
23.02.2012 | Rating

«Baltics largest European data center operator – DEAC, plans to become one of the leading data center operators in Ukraine within the next 3 years», says Olegs Naskidajevs, director of marketing and business development department of DEAC, summarizing the results of 5th Annual international conference of data center leaders, that took place on 22nd February in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

«In Ukrainian market conquering we will use the experience we gained when started to conquer market. Following the scenario we used – actively participating in different IT events, organizing own events for “C” level managers; DEAC plans to gain same results on Ukrainian market within 3 years», says O. Naskidajevs.

«Active participation as an IT expert in conferences and seminars for “C” level managers, where DEAC was sharing its experience in data centers infrastructure, DEAC gained the trust of large and medium business. DEAC gained media trust, when was enlisted among 10 largest data center operators list», informs O. Naskidajevs.

On 22nd February 2012 in Kiev, capital of Ukraine the 5th Annual International leading data centers conference took place. DEAC was participating as one of the event sponsors. DEAC was represented by director of marketing and business development department – Olegs Naskidajevs.

During the presentation, O. Naskidajevs shared with Ukrainian business representatives the DEAC working experience on CIS countries market and the benefits of commercial data centers. In the report “Why businesses choose expanded European data centers network?” one of the key factors for stable and reliable business was pointed out – information security. Main benefits for Ukrainian business of colocation IT infrastructure in European data centers.

Along DEAC some of world-wide leading data center suppliers also took part in the conference - APC by Schneider Electric, Panduit, AMP Netconnect, HiRef, Stulz, Eaton, Conteg, Emerson Network Power. Altogether around 300 potential customer have taken part in the conference, may of them were greatly interested in DEACs’ infrastructure and services and expressed willingness to cooperate”, O. Naskidajevs summarizes the results of the conference.

“DEAC premiere in Ukrainian business groups have proven our anticipation about Ukranian business interest towards European data centers infrastructure”, says O. Naskdajevs.

 DEAC is successfully mastering market for several years now and as a result of the purposeful work – more then 300 IT projects have been launched. DEAC plans to strengthen its positions in CIS countries, by starting active work in Ukraine.

An important role in Ukrainian market conquering start played a discussion, organized by Latvian agency of investment and development. The discussion with Ukrainian prime minister N. Azarov took place on 10th February in Riga. At this discussion DEAC representative Olegs Naskidajevs have confirmed the plans to become one of the leading data center services provider in Ukraine within the next 3 years.

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DEAC in Ukrainian market

DEAC in Ukrainian market

DEAC in Ukrainian market


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