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DEAC have launched Internet Exchange (IX) in Europe, Baltic States

DEAC have launched Internet Exchange (IX) in Europe, Baltic States
DEAC | 08.06.2020

Data center provider DEAC has launched new Internet Exchange (IX) in all its data center locations by opening reliable and fast network gate between Baltic States, Europe.

Major increase in data traffic volumes, changes in IT architecture and how businesses adopt to benefit from low cost public clouds and increased security using private clouds and private connections have urged DEAC to connect all data centers’ facilities with major network providers’ ecosystem. IX enables better connectivity in significant locations to let businesses around Europe, Baltic States switch to global network ecosystem. While migration to hybrid clouds is on the edge, fast and secure connections between companies’ global public clouds and private storages become a critical piece for cloud-computing players.

As more companies are using online services for remote work, there is a steep rise in use of Internet traffic and demand for secure and reliable network with low latency and high traffic loads. Responding to business requirements, DEAC data centers in Riga, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm and Kiev have become beneficial connection points with major global communication providers’ networks.

This is a next step for data centers operator DEAC that can be used as a cross-bridge to hand off data traffic to major Internet service providers hassle-free of setting up data links individually. Interconnection ecosystem in Europe becomes wider and gives possibility for businesses to cross-connect through reliable networks ensuring smooth data flow, access to private VLAN, reach major CDNs in the world and use direct connect to global public clouds.

“DEAC connection with major global communication providers’ networks has opened a wide range of opportunities for our customers to increase IT efficiency, expand reachability and connect with data centers all over the world,” comments Andris Gailitis, DEAC CEO.