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European Data Center Operator DEAC Launches In UK, US & German Market

European Data Center Operator DEAC Launches In UK, US & German Market
DEAC | 18.11.2014 | Rating

DEAC – one of the largest independent data center operators in the Northern Europe, has announced its plan to roll out further services into the UK, US and German markets. DEAC will provide secure data centers and IT outsourcing support that has reduced IT costs for existing customers by up to 40% within three to five years.

DEAC has achieved success across Northern Europe providing full-range of custom built data center solutions to more than 2,500 customers in 40 countries, with a customer list that includes customers in Retail, Telecommunications, IT and Manufacturing - all the while continually growing its revenue over the last three years.

Andris Gailītis, Chairman of the DEAC Board, explains, “We are one of the founders of IT service outsourcing in Latvia and we plan to bring the expertise we have built up over the past 15 years and continue our expansion into the UK, US and German markets, cementing our success as one of the fastest growing IT companies in Northern Europe.’’

In 2014, DEAC significantly enlarged its data storage and processing capacity to provide one of the most powerful virtual platforms available in Northern Europe. The company is continuing to increase its presence in Europe via four international gateways, including the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) – the busiest Internet exchange in the world – and increased points of presence in London, Frankfurt and Kiev.

Egons Buss, IT Director of ELKO Group, a long standing customer of DEAC confirms, “We have been working with DEAC for more than 6 years, over which time we have used its data center services to reach a high availability of business systems, outstanding technical performance 24/7 and business contingency for a fair price. Outsourcing the management of large amounts of data sets and the centralisation of technical resources in DEAC data centers gives us the opportunity to develop new ELKO Group products in the market, significantly speeding up the processes related to the conclusion of transactions and the necessary high level data protection. A significant benefit of utilising DEAC’s data center services is that it has enabled us to demand a high level of responsibility, using a team of DEAC experts to solve problems and operate as an independent auditor of our IT solutions.”

ELKO Group is one of the leading IT product wholesalers in the Eastern Europe and is listed among the TOP 500 largest companies of Central Europe by sales revenue in 2013 (ranked 360th with revenue of €640.5 Million).


Operator of one of the most secure underground data center bunkers in Northern Europe, representatives from DEAC will be speaking at UK industry events taking place this month. These include The Gartner Data Center Summit on 24-25 November in London, where representatives plan to educate the market on DEAC’s growth into Western Europe and the Northern America.

DEAC’s long-term partners include Dell, HP, EMC, APC, SDMO, Emerson, Juniper, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware.


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