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DEAC launches in USA, UK, and German markets

DEAC launches in USA, UK, and German markets
DataCentres.com / Press about DEAC | 19.11.2014 | Rating

Baltic based datacentre operator, DEAC has announced plans to roll out services into the US, UK and German markets. DEAC will offer secure datacentre support and IT outsourcing that have proven to reduce IT costs for customers by up to 40% within three to five years.

DEAC has achieved success across Northern Europe providing a full range of custom-built datacentre solutions to more than 2,500 customers in 40 countries, with a customer list that includes customers in Retail, Telecommunications, IT and Manufacturing - all the while continually growing its revenue over the last three years.

Andris Gailītis, Chairman, DEAC, comments, "We are one of the founders of IT service outsourcing in Latvia and we plan to bring the expertise we have built up over the past 15 years into the US, UK and German markets, cementing our success as one of the fastest growing IT companies in Northern Europe."


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