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DEAC showcases SUPERFAST implementation of services internationally

DEAC showcases SUPERFAST implementation of services internationally

Following an increasing demand for a high quality and fast solutions, European data center operator DEAC has internationally brought it’s services into the new level. The new concept of service level allows DEAC’s customers to use SUPERFAST implementation of data center services through the dedicated channels across the Europe.

DEAC has internationally developed a new service quality level, showcasing at the world’s largest events going live in March – CeBIT and Cloud Expo Europe, gathering together ICT, cloud and data center field experts, leaders and enthusiasts.

Visitors of both events will be able to feel the speed of DEAC services in the 3D virtual reality and win valuable prizes.

Fast implementation of services becomes a critical value in the data center field, therefore DEAC has purposefully increased it’s range of expertise and competence to provide customers with the most powerful and accurate tools for daily IT process’ monitoring and processing. Today DEAC customers receive key services just within one hour, which helps them to overview business processes more effectively. 


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