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DEAC: world data centers are focusing on our region

DEAC: world data centers are focusing on our region

“Data centers of Central and Eastern Europe now have a large increase potential, and the positions of the region have risen visibly. All thanks to the world-wide corporations of America and Asia, that are getting closer to their consumers in Europe and CIS countries through the data centers of Central and Eastern Europe”, says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.

Andris Gailitis, the CEO of Baltics largest European data center operator DEAC, has participated in 2nd Datacentres Central and Eastern Europe Regional Forum, that has taken place in Prague, on 22nd-23rd of February.

«The data centers of Central and Eastern Europe are in a very beneficial situation right now, including the benefits of geographical location. We are located just between the huge market of CIS countries and the powerful market of Europe. The infrastructure allows us to provide reliable communications to both sides. That is why the data centers of Central and Eastern Europe are developing so rapidly”, explains A. Gailitis.

In Latvia, as in other countries of the region, we see the stagnation of the local market. In Latvia the number of local customer rises almost insensibly. But as in other countries of the region, the growth of export is rapid”, A. Gailitis compares the market trends with colleagues from other countries of the region.

“Data centers are acting as an economy measuring instrument today. Now the globalization trends are getting more and more apparent. Firstly, the services of data centers, oriented on large markets while the local market is in stagnation. Secondly, a notable growth of large and medium business customers”, A. Gailitis comments the trends.

“The volume of data, that global corporations are intending to locate as closer as they can to their European and CIS countries consumers, is continuing to grow. The demand for this region sometimes is so huge, that often one data center alone can not handle the request, that is why it is so important to have a cluster of mutual regional contacts”, says A. Gailitis.

Beside the geographical location, there are other regional benefits. A. Gailitis mentions the qualification of specialists and services cost. “Our expenses are lower than in Western Europe and we are considered a more reliable region, comparing to CIS countries. But I would like to point out the ability, creativity and responsiveness of our specialists. That is what our customers value so much, as they are glad to solve problems, if such have occured, with real and solution-seeking specialists”, explains A. Gailitis.

“In the context of Central and Eastern Europe, DEAC is one the leading market players, that together with other leaders defines the business expansion pace for the whole region. We are one of the regional leaders, and the region itself is soon to become a leader. We need to use these opportunities!”, cheers A. Gailitis.

In Prague, DEAC has presented the infrastructure of data centers, that at this point is the largest in Baltics. And according to recent media portal Cnews research, DEAC is enlisted among worlds largest commercial data centers. Andris Gailitis also told about DEAC plans for the next 3 years, with this plan realization DEAC will strengthen its data centers positions not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but also world-wide.

«DEAC data centers have all that is necessary for attracting news customers from Western and Eastern Europe. The DEAC outsourcing export volume increase, especially within the last years, is a vivid proof of that”, resumes A. Gailitis.

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About DEAC:
DEAC European data center operator is the largest and most modern IT outsourcing provider in the Baltics. A reliable partner for more than 2500 customers from 40 countries, that store and process data in DEAC data centers in Latvia, Germany, Holland and United Kingdom. DEAC core data centers’ infrastructure is located in Riga, Latvia. All DEAC data centers are equipped according to highest world-wide criteria for data center security.

DEAC telecommunication channels provide high-speed internet with more than 10 Gbit/s bandwidth. These channels guarantee reliable data availability 24x7 from any place in the world.

DEAC nearest future plans include implementation of new services, based on cloud computing technology, new data center opening in Europe and new representation offices opening in Europe and CIS countries.


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