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In 2012 DEAC achieved the highest turnover so far

In 2012 DEAC achieved the highest turnover so far
23.01.2013 | Rating

European data center operator DEAC informs, that its turnover in 2012 has reached the highest mark in the history of the company - over 4.9  million euros, which is 46% more comparing to year 2011, when the turnover has reached 3.3 million euros. 

DEAC exports more than 45% of all its services. The most significant region for export – CIS countries, that together have made up 22% of all DEAC export portfolio in 2012, owing that to and active services promote marketing in Ukraine.DEAC representatives are explaining such rapid increase due to company’s position strengthening in export markets as well as investing in infrastructure development.

By investing in most modern equipment for data processing and storage equipment, the power of infrastructure has increased significantly. Furthermore, by cooperating with international backbone operators, new international connections were open, thus minimizing customers’ possible access delays.

“The scope of services, used by our local medium and large business customers has increased greatly. Our customers are eager to use “cloud” services or physical equipment virtualization, achieving by that IT services optimization and higher rented and colocated equipment efficiency”, DEAC CEO Andris Gailits talks about data center trends. “Our customers, among them banks, chain stores, factories, mass media and popular international social network, give preference to separate virtual platform in order to create cloud infrastructure, that allows to use the capacity of data center more efficiently and profitably”, adds A. Gailits.

Large European companies and corporations are becoming DEAC customers more often, they colocate/rent several server racks or rows of server racks at once. In this way, the occupancy rate of Baltics’ largest data center “Riga” in 2012 has increased up to 75%. Within the next year DEAC is planning to increase the workload on existing data centers and build new data centers, each with capacity over 1000 server racks in Latvia, Germany and Netherlands.


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