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In Greece financial directors "tried on" DEAC European data centers

In Greece financial directors "tried on" DEAC European data centers
21.05.2012 | Rating

"The diversification of risks for large and medium business becomes more complete with setting up the correct documents flow along with deep analysis of tax risks and usage of reliable European data centers" - those two important issues were pointed out  by many participants of the outbound round table of financial directors on 18th-20th May 2012, where DEAC actively participated in the event as a sponsor. Besides the analysis of different kinds of tax security, event participants in Chalkidiki have drawn business development parallels between full data colocation in Europe and have concluded, that cooperation with DEAC gives business reliability a new quality level.

"Powerful combination of experts, openness in communication between participants along with pleasant Greek weather allowed to overview many important issues on tax and information security, as well as to designate a golden mean between business financial development  or its efficiency and business security or its stability against different kinds of external threats", points out Oleg Naskidaev, European data center operator's DEAC representative. The report "Business security and stability. European data centers in questions and answers." shows the possible problems of forming business stability, where one of the key aspects is information security. The benefits of colocating IT infrastructure and data of customers in European data centers were also pointed out.

Round table participants generally  supported the necessity of rational investing in business efficiency development as well as in setting up the environment to ensure its higher stability, the stability is crucial for the business survival especially during world financial crisis.

The event has gathered around 160 financial directors and CEOs, as well as companies owners, representing large and medium business of non-government and non-raw material sectors of economy. Best practicing experts, financiers, lawyers, including "Big Four" (Большая четверка) specialists and IT specialists participated in discussing the modern ways of creating the strategy to minimize tax risks.

Conference video summary:

DEAC European data centers
DEAC European data centers

DEAC European data centers

DEAC European data centers
DEAC European data centers


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