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Russian business in Palermo elaborated IT tasks for DEAC European data centers

Russian business in Palermo elaborated IT tasks for DEAC European data centers
28.05.2013 | Rating

At fifth jubilee financial directors round table discussion under the KSK group auspices took place on 23rd-26th May at Sicilia, not far from Palermo. DEAC experts pointed out high level of audience maturity in the field of organizing business security by using data centers located in European Union. Round table experts in 3 days have discussed loads of situations of correct organization of information and tax security. For the first time, DEAC have spoken together with its customer – Biovitrum, that has shared its experience of using DEAC data centers in Latvia and have observed a significant business stability increase during the last 2 years, as well as extrication of financial and human resource in long term perspective.

Thanks to high professionalism of KSK group team and invited experts, the participants of Fifth jubilee round table forum «Круглый стол ФИНАНСОВЫХ ДИРЕКТОРОВ – 2013. Налоговая безопасность. Развитие предприятий. Практика успешных решений» have plunged into real stories of Russian business, expert’s experience allowed participants to see the possible situations of their businesses within the framework of correct tax and information security in long term perspective. One of the shining example of that – a joint presentation of DEAC and its customer – Biovitrum. In his report, Oleg Naskidaev, director of DEAC European data centers operator DEAC representative office in Russia, have spoken about the demand for data centers in European Union, and Eduard Shishmarev, Biovitrum IT director, on the example of working with DEAC for the last 2 years, have helped the audience to answer their answers on feasibility of colocating data outside Russia and remote access to it.

In Question-Answer section Biovitrum owner – Vladimir Cimberg has spoken about his doubts about colocating company’s data in Riga two years ago. But already after half a year high level of professionalism of DEAC specialists and reliable DEAC data centers infrastructure in Latvia dispelled all doubts – Biovitrum gained a positive experience in large scale transferring of IT resource into outsourcing, have lowered till minimum capital expenses, have understood operational costs in long term perspective, have significantly decreased new services implementation thanks to possibility of quick virtual resources deployment in DEAC data centers, and have extricated human resources. All this have helped Biovitrum to enter TOP 100 of Russian innovation companies by Russian Association of Innovation regions in year 2012 «ТехУспех».

“Yet another DEAC participation in the forum allows to point out one trend – the participants’ understanding of business security issues by using European data center sis becoming more precise and targeted, that clearly shows the trend of a more mature market,” points out O. Naskidaev. “Now company’s CEOs are not asking why they need European data centers, they discuss their particular business demands based on European data centers platform with technical pilot project tasks to be launched in full mode within 3 years period”, adds O. Naskidaev.

The participants pointed out the high level of delegates: 217 business owners, financial directors and CEOs, consultans- practicians, experts, mass media, all supporting the slogan of the event “professionalism, savings, security, tranquillity, development, success”. Next forum will take place in Malta, from 31st October to 3rd November 2013.

European data centers DEAC
European data centers DEAC

European data centers DEAC

European data centers DEAC

European data centers DEAC

European data centers DEAC



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