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Updated data storage systems in DEAC guarantee business continuity

Updated data storage systems in DEAC guarantee business continuity

European companies substantially strengthen its position against competitors using the updated data storage systems (SAN) in DEAC European data centers. The centralized location of data in at least two different geographical locations and confidence in the 100% access to them in case of force majeure from any region of Eurasia, distributes all risks and becomes the foundation for successful business development.

Nowadays maximum data integrity and 24 hours access provides significant competitive advantages in the market, which is still recovering from the recent upheavals. DEAC European data centers with its updated SAN allow representatives of the European business to build a variety of IT solutions. It ensures 100% data preservation and 24 hours access with guaranteed speed from any region of Eurasia. Centralized deployment of data allows any company to reduce the leakage of information from local computers, to restore order in the sea of information and to concentrate on core activities - income gaining.

"One of the topics today is the unfair competition. The activities of a company with excellent reputation and fair attitude to legislation can be paralyzed for months or even stopped just because of one phone call,” said DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis. ”Also investigations show significant impact of data safety on business continuity. The data represented by technology research company “Gartner Group” shows that 43% of companies were unable to continue its business after the irreversible data loss."

Small business as well as corporative sectors need the SAN solutions. Companies that are implementing competent policy of its IT strategies are very concerned regarding issues of data preservation and access to them at any time. While implementing SAN should consider the data amount growth in near future, in order to avoid changing the whole storage system. "In the next 5 years the volume of transmitted traffic will increase tenfold, and there is nothing worse than not enough space for information", said A. Gailitis. This is particularly important for companies that operate with the large data amounts, for example, content providers, companies with multiple branches and a large number of staff.

"It is particularly important to achieve a balance between enhancing the business continuity and the parallel reduction of operating IT costs," emphasized A. Gailitis. According to IDC, the annual increase in volume of data is more than 80%, while IT costs are increasing only by 20% per year. "IT service with the latest IT technologies should become an engine of business and help increase revenue. Our recent SAN solutions cope with this task. For example, the disk space capacity of 50 gigabytes costs a little more than 29 EUR", said A. Gailitis.

About DEAC:
DEAC is a european data center operators and an IT outsourcing company with 10 years experience and highly qualified personnel. Business ir orientated to provide data center services and IT outsourcing on Eurasia scale.   Owns two carrier-neutral data centers in Riga, Latvia. Total server area 1000 sq.m. Data centers are equipped with TIER I/II/III/IV infrastructure, duplicated power supply sources, APC UPS systems, SDMO diesel generators, Emerson Network Power climate-control systems, FM200 gas fire suppression systems, optical 10 Gbit/s lines from 5 different providers, server systems and network monitoring service. Connections with AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, MSK-IX.
DEAC offers a full range of integrated IT solutions and to almost 2000 customers from 20 countries of the world, among them – Spanish telecommunication operator „Telefonica”, „Danske Bank”, „Unicredit bank”, „Latvijas Bank”, „Rietumu Bank”, “Elko Group” „DEPO DIY”, “Microsoft Latvia”, “Philips Baltic”, „TV3 Latvija”, and others.
DEAC is the developer of a popular Latvian school management system e-klase.
DEAC is an official distributor of DELL in Latvia and an official partner of „Microsoft”, „APC” „VMware”, „EMC” and „Synterra”.
More about data center operator DEAC –

Oleg Naskidaev, Head of marketing and development department
Тel.: +371 6707 2100,GSM.: +371 29170284
[email protected], www.deac.eu


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