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Rack calculator


42U server rack, 600 mm x 1070 mm

You can choose a full or partial rack space. Each rack space works as a completely separated system.

Rack space

Each power distribution unit (PDU) is connected to the independent UPS system and independent power line, creating a redundant power supply system. For continuous operation of equipment we recommend to choose two PDU’s that will completely back up the equipment power system.


Specify single power supply maximum power (Watts).


The customer will administrate PDU (power distribution unit). Administrator access allows to monitor the power supply, turn off / turn on the power and use other features depending on the PDU model.

Additional external IPv4 address

IP address
0 IP
8 IP

Technical staff 24/7 will monitor the availability of virtual or physical server; create a warning about CPU, RAM, HDD possible overload, network availability, or overload. The main advantage - timely received warning, which lets you instantly start troubleshooting measures.

Quantity of monitoring units
1 IP monitoring
8 IP monitoring

Firewall is ensured using powerful equipment, and all resources are divided among other customers. Each customer has a dedicated Firewall policy, such as a port or IP address filtering, as well as other standard Firewall functions.


HID is remotely controlled, contactless smart card rack access system. You can manage access rights and HID card users remotely.

Select the number of cards according to the number of persons whom you want to grant access to the rack.

Number of HID cards
15 HID

GSM ON/OFF service enables you to remotely stop and restore power to your device by sending an SMS to a dedicated phone number. This service is suitable for cases requiring immediate switching off of the equipment, to prevent unauthorized access.

24/7 video surveillance is provided inside and outside of the data center.

Temperature, humidity and vibration sensors. The service provides the ability to remotely monitor the environment of the equipment components. Sensors and the control panel are located on the rack that contains the deployed equipment. The customer is granted with the full access to the control panel.

Predefined response time, in which DEAC experts starts processing the request and problem solving. You will always have priority over the running requests, regardless of the capacity of technical staff.