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Disaster recovery


Be prepared and avoid your business disruption with IT disaster recovery plan! Minimize your risks and benefit from customized backup solution and step-by-step recovery plan for continuous business operations.

Disaster recovery solution will ensure your business operations keep running and will minimize potential downtime. We will customize disaster recovery plan according to your business needs and our IT experts will thoroughly analyze all existing risks, identify the important issues to agree on the actions set forth in order to minimize any material losses due to unavailability of your IT system and data.

Recovery test for effective time-planning

  • DEAC experts will test recovery time with a regularity you need

  • Your business data and systems are changing - be confident about exact recovery time

  • No worries about unplanned downtime in case of a disaster

  • Risk minimization with accurate time management

Disaster recovery test DEAC

Veeam logo DEACDEAC provides not only tailor-made disaster recovery plan, but also Veeam backup and disaster recovery platform for fast and easy data security management. Veeam cloud-based disaster recovery will ensure your business' continuity and minimize risks of data loss.

Learn more about best backup planning practice!

Decrease impact of all harmful impacts DEAC

Decrease impact of all harmful situations

Equipment failure, human error, data loss or steal, hardware failure, hacking or malware has the potential to damage corporate reputation and cost millions in lost revenue. Be ready and minimize the negative impact!

Complex solutions made by IT experts DEAC

Complex solutions made by IT experts

We have necessary expertise, reliable infrastructure and service to prepare and implement solution to protect your business critical data. Anticipate, mitigate and prevent disasters with the help of IT experts!

Disaster recovery plan DEAC

Disaster recovery plan - backup and recover

Customized and comprehensive plan sets forth complex of procedures to follow in order to ensure your information is available even in case of disruptive events. Risks of delays will be minimized, business vulnerabilities - eliminated and time required for recovery of your IT system will be shortened.

Secure cloud and physical data centers DEAC

Secure cloud and physical data centers

Your network, servers, applications and data will be available when and where you need it. DEAC disaster recovery service will protect any physical or virtual system in any environment and in any location.


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Shared & Dedicated Disaster Recovery Office

Shared or dedicated secondary support infrastructure makes business continuity possible even in situations when disaster strikes. DEAC carrier-neutral data center facility in Riga features a fully redundant infrastructure with diverse power feeds, making it an ideal place for private or shared disaster recovery office.

DEAC dedicated office space provides:

  • ready-to-use workstations, that come fully equipped with office equipment, including copiers, fax machines, scanners and laser color printers

  • high-speed uninterruptible internet connectivity

  • physical security, video surveillance and electronic security systems

  • 24/7 access

  • onsite car parking

  • location near public transport links

Disaster Recovery Office DEAC