Content Delivery Network (CDN)

DEAC Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a high performance network for the distribution of large files, videos and multimedia streaming for e-commerce, online advertising, mass media and games across the world. CDN servers are located in strategically important locations, which speeds up your site and load balances network traffic improving performance of your content delivery.

CDN solution provides data streaming and web content delivery to end user request in a single CDN network. Expanded network infrastructure provides low latency and uninterruptible content and data streaming. You only need one provider to stream your content - DEAC provides reliable and fast CDN network across the world. CDN servers are geographically distributed and work together to provide high-speed delivery of Internet content. CDN service is effective solution for companies with high traffic and global audience websites. It speeds up a content delivery using the closest CDN server, reduces bandwidth and latency, as well as accelerates your website load times.

    Content Delivery Network CDN DEAC   Service availability across the world, including the fastest CDN network in Russia and CIS countries

    Content Delivery Network CDN DEAC    IT infrastructure, that satisfies the highest demands of customers across the world

    Content Delivery Network CDN DEAC    11 locations in Russia and CIS countries, each provides 40 Gbit/s bandwidth

    Content Delivery Network CDN DEAC    The lowest possible latency, guaranteed high availability and cost optimization

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Uninterruptible and fast download of different type content DEAC
Uninterruptible and fast download of different type content - network load balances depending on download intensity, downloading is available from any device anywhere in the world.
Minimal download time DEAC
Minimal download time - viewed content is cached at several CDN locations, therefore, when a primary CDN server is unavailable, stored copies allow to continue download of required content from CDN network.

High security standards DEAC
High security standards - multistage physical and software protection provides data transmission in secure level corresponding to worldwide standards.
Wide range of service application DEAC
Wide range of service application - you can use CDN network for large files like multimedia streaming, e-commerce, mass media, online advertising and games download.

Certified data center experts DEAC
Certified data center experts 24/7 - uninterruptible systems monitoring and technical support round the clock.
Cost reduction DEAC
Price per GB decreases when traffic volume increases - no worries about expenditures when traffic volume increases – DEAC offers a price policy that depends on the total volume you use.

CDN pricelist DEAC

Make your business more effective paying only for traffic volume you use!

DEAC’s high-speed globally expanded location points will satisfy your customers across the world and will increase competitiveness of your global presence. CDN solution delivers the content on the fastest route possible letting customers and end-users enjoy the service with excellent performance. More and more aspects of businesses are migrating to online and now CDN network is used not only to stream multimedia and games, but also to accelerate mobile, static, dynamic content, as well as e-commerce transactions.



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