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Get ready for sales – prepare your e-commerce for tons of traffic!

Get ready for sales – prepare your e-commerce for tons of traffic!
DEAC | 05.12.2017 | Rating

The worst thing that can happen during holiday’s season is the loss of income due to website’s downtime. Sales season, launches of new products, Black Friday and different marketing campaigns create a huge span in traffic to your website. Hence, the key to the most effective use of the incoming traffic without interruptions is optimization of IT infrastructure according to high loads and creation of flexible hosting solution.

Experts of DEAC data centers advice: how to prepare for high loads

Scaling when needed

Data centers are those, who receive and send queries from your website. For this reason, it is more convenient to work with service provider as you pay only for what is required and at the same time fully control your resources. The main part of the process is technical – load balancing for your website. Load balancing in fact means load distribution between several servers.

There are two types of load balancing – local load balancing and geographical load balancing. Local load balancing means data processing in one data center. Queries come from the website and are being processed using load balancing tools for further distribution between pools of servers. All this is done in order to fulfill queries. Balancing can be implemented on the platform of several data centers, which are located in strategically important geographical points. This helps to increase productivity of the website and applications and results in content delivery to the client much faster. Optimal load balancing can be achieved in different ways – with the help of software on the server, through special equipment, virtual system or other solution, which is the most suitable for the customer.

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Evenly distributed traffic

In order to prevent disruption of all traffic coming to your e-commerce website, consider how to balance load correctly. Wise traffic distribution between servers not only guarantees that your website will be working, but also will minimize latency for users. This is very important factor especially during large-scale advertising campaigns or sales. When traffic distribution is even, load-balancing redirects traffic of your website and it will not stop. You will not lose any functions, even if one of the servers fails, as incoming traffic will be redirected to remaining back-end systems. Thus, you can achieve the highest possible website and applications’ availability.

Move your content closer to customers

Content delivery network or CDN can facilitate with load during traffic rise, as well as speed up content loading for clients visiting your resource from afar. CDN constantly caches content of your website or application and distributes it ensuring smooth media streaming thanks to servers located all around Europe and even the world. When customers, for instance, try to reach website during traffic rise, they will retrieve information from the nearest server, not necessarily from your physical server, which may be located in another country or even the continent. This will help not only make loading faster, but also will place a burden of traffic on CDN network, not just one specific server. Distributed network infrastructure ensures continuity of your work and data transmission, as well as low latency, qualitative media streaming and web-content delivery upon end user’s request.

Infrastructure load tests

If you are unsure that your infrastructure will be ready for traffic span, seek expert’s advice! Highly qualified team as DEAC IT experts will help to test current settings and find out how to best optimize your IT-systems for traffic flow increase. Just a few adjustments can significantly lower expenses and resources required for your website, at the same time providing additional capacity for handling incoming customers. As an experienced service provide, data centers operator DEAC can help you test your website, applications or IT infrastructure in general. Before reaching critical peak points of your website work, it is useful to check potential problems.

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Do not forget about backup!

After you have successfully completed above-mentioned steps, make sure to create backups in secure and remote place in order to avoid disruptions of your website work. Cost-wise data backup solution BaaS (Backup as a Service) is a convenient way for safe remote data storage in cloud built on the basis of large data centers. Backup copies can help restore website and recover lost information, even databases. You can rest assured that your corporate database and other important data is secured and in case of emergency will be recovered within minutes.

Make sure that your website can withstand significant increase in traffic! If you would like to learn more, how to insure your business from disruptions during large inflows of traffic, DEAC data centers are at your your service 24/7/365!


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