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DEAC: Latvian problems and challenges match global

DEAC: Latvian problems and challenges match global

DEAC participated in Europe, Middle East and Africa region major IT industry forum "Data Centres Europe 2011" as only member of the Baltic region, which took place in Nice, France. Data centers problems and challenges in data centers in other countries are similar to Latvian, sums up DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.

Main issues, that were discussed at the conference “Data Centres Europe 2011" - data center management optimization, data center energy efficiency, as well as data center development and performance perspectives. There were a lot of discussions about cloud computing investment technologies, including such aspects as data center industry and its future possible changes.

"After discussing with colleagues from other countries I was assured that the DEAC's vision of basing cloud computing on infrastructure rental, goes hand in hand with the overall trends of cloud computing development," remembers A. Gailitis.

"At the forum many colleagues discussed the energy saving and electricity prices that are increasing everywhere. Industry is actively working on new cooling technology to improve their energy efficiency performance," says A. Gailitis, adding that it is also one of the most actual challenges of DEAC.

The 7th "Data Centres Europe 2011" conference was organized by BroadGroup. This event has a significant influence impact on IT and data center industry and it’s future.
“The event is of European scale and is very important for those who manage data centers and for those who use their services. The leading experts performing at the event means that this industry will continue developing during the next 5 and more years”, in a statement said Steve Wallage, the managing director of BroadGroup Consulting.

At the "Data Centres Europe 2011" conference, more than 80 world-leading experts were performing and more than 500 data centres managers have confirmed their participation. This makes this event a global meeting platform for the best and significant industry players. "We had a great opportunity to talk with industry-leading professionals, to make sure that we move in the right direction," says A. Gailitis.

"DEAC continues to strengthen its role of a reliable partner and a strong IT expert in Europe. Our goal is to show that data center infrastructure in Latvia currently corresponds to the highest requirements, including information security, Internet channel linking, as well as the availability of resources. We are exceptionally competitive with our cost to our service quality ratio," says A. Gailitis.

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