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Server cluster is a powerful computing solution for the companies with high security standards, data availability and computing requirements. Solution is suitable for the maintenance of the corporate databases, social sites and news portals, e-commerce websites, online games, high traffic gambling portals, insurance and credit institutions, software developers and testers.

Server cluster is a solution of

merged several physical servers and network infrastructure

, that handles various processes in common resource.  Customer receives servers and data storage system with the required amount of processors, RAM (Random Access Memory) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) capacity. In addition, customer is provided with the necessary server cluster’s network infrastructure.
To start using the service there is none single financial investment needed, server cluster’s maintenance costs are predictable and charge applies only on consumed resources.

We offer to create different clusters depending on the customer’s requirements: 

  • High-availability cluster

  • Load balancing cluster

  • High performance computing cluster


Every solution is based on the customer’s technical requirements and service implementation time usually takes up to several business days.  It is important that server cluster can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet. All data and programs are hosted in server clusters that are located in DEAC secure data centers in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Riga or Moscow. 

Scheme Server clusters DEAC


For your convenience, you may choose among predefined configurations that may be adjusted to the specific requirements if necessary.

Server clusters DEAC

We will help you to find the best solution according to your requirements!

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Service implementation DEAC High availability – uninterruptable service in case of equipment failure.
Ready-to-use predefined servers DEAC Ready-to-use – predefined servers and network equipment.
High scalability in line of business needs and growth DEAC High scalability – large number of equipment available, predictable and fast resource adjustment in line of business needs and growth.
High quality IT equipment DEAC Reliable technical equipment – highest quality equipment from leading companies in secure data centers.