Deac Pre-installed Servers and Fully Equipped Racks

Hundreds of

pre-installed servers


fully equipped racks

are here to suit fast growing and high-loaded IT projects across Europe. Ready-to-use

physical infrastructure

choices available up to some days for use as central servers, database or

storage servers

, utilizing virtualization software and serving thousands of users, from the corporate data center to remote locations.


DEAC Pre-Installed Servers and Fully Equipped Racks

DEAC Pre-Installed Servers and Fully Equipped Racks

Choose configuration and software that best suits your needs and let our certified experts to assist you with managed options of data centers, software or network.

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DEAC's converged infrastructure and redundant network connectivity across Europe and Russia provides excellent service to end-users, the same time protects against regional disaster effects and ensures business continuity. In just minutes, get ready-to-use infrastructure to handle fast growing workloads equipped with in-house licenses, to make the most of your optimized budget. Choose from some of preconfigured plans or ask for individual configurations that to suit your needs!

Hewlett Packard servers have been developed with maximum expandability, quality and after-sales support in mind. The latest technology utilizing guarantees the expandability of servers for years. Fault-proofed Intel manufactured six or quad core Xeon processors, physical RAID controllers and SSDs guarantee superior performance and manageability.

Get your servers online and benefit from:

Fast service implementation DEAC 100% genuine components build servers with required OS
Guaranteed resources DEAC

Fully equipped server racks with 2x PDU, redundant power supply and UPS systems

High security standards DEAC

Configure a layer2 or layer3 managed switch or create VLANS and subnets for each server

Developed infrastructure DEAC

Unlimited bandwidth & unmetered 1Gbit port

Certified data center experts DEAC 99.95/9 up time SLA & 24/7 onsite technical support