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SCCM Management Console


Manage, administer and monitor all your companies’ workstations using SCCM with help of certified DEAC experts. You don't need to know it all - we will help!

SCCM (Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager) is a single management console for your PCs, Macs and Unix/Linux servers, as well as for mobile devices running Android, Windows or iOS. DEAC experts have long-term experience and knowledge in administration to set up and manage SCCM in order to increase your IT efficiency and security level. Unified infrastructure enables to manage devices, applications and their lifecycle regardless of their location.

Reduced Infrastructure Requirements

  1. Central Administration Site for central primary site administration and reporting. This site identifies who needs updates and reports on compliance.

  2. Primary Sites for user management, settings and delegate administration. This site distributes updates and assigns policy to scan for update status or to deploy an update.

  3. Secondary Sites for content routing, distribution points and report compliance.
SCCM scheme, DEAC

Increase your IT efficiency

SCCM will allow you a wide range of management options to increase your IT efficiency via power management, deployment of applications and operating system and build-in multiple deployment methods depending on your business’ computers, their network connectivity and user proactivity. Choose from more delivery evaluation criteria – user, device type or network connection. SCCM allows to use a single admin for managing physical and virtual desktops and it recognizes pooled and personal virtual desktops, as well as supports randomized tasks.

SCCM simplified reporting will let you understand software installation profiles, plan hardware upgrades and monitor their status, identify over or under licensing issues and track custom applications or groups and set threshold-based console alerts for fast issue detection.

Extensive management options

Microsoft SCCM Management Console DEAC

End-point protection

Unified infrastructure allows simplify server and user deployment, streamline updates and use consolidate reporting. Comprehensive protection stack with dynamic translation will let you monitor behavior, detect malware and use Windows and Firewall management.

Microsoft SCCM Management Console DEAC

Software Update

Automatic deployment enables fast deployment through search, as well as schedule content download and deployment to avoid reboot during working hours. State-based updates allow individual and group deployment for even more simplified management. You will be able to reduce replications and storage by deleting expired updates and content.

Microsoft SCCM Management Console DEAC

Settings Management

SCCM’s advanced settings will let you improve functionality, copy settings and trigger console alerts, as well as will allow you to specify versions to be used in baselines and audit tracking.

Microsoft SCCM Management Console DEAC

System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP)

Use stand-alone tool with SCCM to author your own updates or import software update catalogs from third-party software vendors or Line of Business (LoB) applications.

User-centric Application Delivery

  •    Deliver best user experience on each device

  •    Define application once

  •    Keep your apps organized and up-to-date

  •    Use command line and options

  •    Control over application version

  •    Set requirement rules


Unified Infrastructure

  •    Reduced infrastructure requirements

  •    Unified management of virtual users

  •    End-point protection

  •    Compliance & settings management

  •    Software update management

  •    Power management

  •    Internet-based user management


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