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Audit of IT systems and resources


Let DEAC experts audit your IT systems and resources and we will identify business risks, define tasks and develop optimal solutions to implement an IT solution that fits your business needs. IT audit identifies information security vulnerabilities and analyzes risks in order to develop an effective improvement plan.

DEAC experts will identify your needs and objectives:

  • In case of unavailability or data loss, what financial and reputation losses will your business incur? How to reduce risks?
  • Where and how your data is stored and processed?
  • How to increase efficiency and how to save? Do you need to delegate IT tasks?
  • Is it convenient to work with your data and IT systems?



Audit of IT systems and resources DEAC

Unpredictable equipment damages and errors
Audit of IT systems and resources DEAC Power outages and downtime of IT systems and business
Audit of IT systems and resources DEAC Breaks of communication channels, destruction of information, viruses and cyber-attacks
Audit of IT systems and resources DEAC Inefficient use of IT equipment and systems generate additional costs and potential malfunctions
Audit of IT systems and resources DEAC Internal threats, human errors and lack of technical staff competence


These are only few risks that can cause significant losses for your enterprise. Full IT audit will define all weak-spots of your IT system and resources. DEAC experts will prepare detailed plan how to upgrade your IT infrastructure, eliminate risks in order to achieve great IT performance, as well as how to reach and maintain high data and service security in accordance with internationally recognized standards.




Full IT audit consists from several steps and includes not only analysis of technical IT system, it's performance and weaknesses, but also includes analysis of organizational structure, network configuration and how that all combines together in order to achieve secure and continuous business operations. You can choose full audit or just a part of it - we will customize it according to your business needs. Full IT audit includes evaluation of all these structures:

Enterprise structure evaluation DEAC

Enterprise structure evaluation

  • Organizational structure
  • Locations of enterprise
  • Internal information flows
  • Information needs and usage of departments
IT infrastructure analysis DEAC

IT infrastructure analysis

Equipment evaluation:

  • Inventory
  • Loading of equipment
  • Life cycle
  • Port capacity

Network infrastructure analysis:

  • Distributed network configuration
  • Local Area Networks
  • Data Center Network
  • Loading of communication channels
  • Protocols
  • Traffic analysis
  • Fault tolerance and network availability

Backup evaluation:

  • System configuration
  • Policy analysis
  • Backup Relevance

Process management analysis:

  • Systems and process monitoring
  • Access rights
  • Scaling options

Software verification:

  • Software licenses
  • Analysis of operating systems, e-mail and antivirus
IT department performance DEAC

IT department performance

  • Department structure
  • Work planning and process implementation
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Competence of staff, professional development and learning process
  • Implementing changes to workflows
  • Work with incoming customer requests
Identifying infrastructure problems DEAC

Identifying infrastructure problems

  • Limiting factors of enterprise development
  • Critical weaknesses in IT infrastructure
  • Probable risks of security breaches
  • IT staff weaknesses


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