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Web, DNS & Mail Hosting

... Web, DNS & Mail Hosting
Web, DNS & Mail Hosting

Host your website, mail, virtual or dedicated servers by DEAC and be sure you will get the best IT quality you need to power and secure your business. We will ensure Domain Name System (DNS) hosting to obtain your websites consistent availability too. DEAC solutions are built on powerful enterprise-class hardware and there is a possibility to quickly scale as demands increase. Certified IT support is always here to help and our accumulated years of extensive experience in individual tailored solutions will give you the best possible hosting to engine your business development.

Predictable Monthly Costs DEAC Room to Grow and Scale as Demands Increase DEAC 24/7 Customer Support DEAC Modern Hardware and Choice of Operating System DEAC

Predictable Monthly Costs - No Sticker Shock 

Room to Grow and Scale as Demands Increase

24/7 Customer Support

Modern Hardware and Choice of Operating System

Unlimited, Free Unmetered Bandwidth DEAC Data Protection DEAC FREE Migrations DEAC Reliable Data Centers DEAC

Unlimited, Free Unmetered Bandwidth 

Extensive Security and Mirrored Storage for Data Protection 

FREE Migrations for All New Customers 

Top of The Line and Reliable Data Centers 

Web Hosting DEAC

Web Hosting

- choose DEAC virtual or dedicated servers to run your website. They are reliable, always up-to-date, maintained properly and you will not have to worry about slow downs. DEAC experts assure DNS infrastructure security, the best IP address resolution speed between DNS servers that works with their maximal capacity, no worries about drawbacks and website hijacking, as well as 24/7 technical support for your needs. We will assure the exact hosting that fits your specific website and its traffic.

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Mail Hosting

by DEAC assures complete data privacy and reliable infrastructure for most demanding customers. Let certified and experienced data center experts host your mail and forget about downtime issues. Your personal data will be safe and at data centers you can trust.

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Mail Hosting DEAC

DEAC assures high security standards and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS certified. That confirms DEAC high standards of information security management and define provision of the highest requirements on valuable information protection. PCI DSS compliance provides customers payment card data storage, processing and transmitting in appliance with highest level requirements. Multistage physical and software protection provides a high level of data security according to standards which is proved by certificates and recognition. DEAC certified experts will help you to decide about the best hosting plan that fits your business needs.

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