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... Web, VPS, DNS & E-mail Hosting | DEAC
Web, VPS, DNS & E-mail Hosting | DEAC


Host your website, mail, application, virtual or dedicated servers at DEAC and be sure you will get the best IT quality you need to power and secure your business.

DEAC solutions are based on powerful enterprise-class hardware with rapid scalability of resources. Certified IT support is always here to help and our accumulated years of extensive experience in implementing individual tailored solutions will give you the best possible hosting to engine your business development, regardless of whether you use the well-known Wordpress or other content management system for the website environment.

Choose hosting and receive these benefits:

  •    Predictable monthly costs - no sticker shock

  •    Modern hardware and choice of operating system

  •    Unlimited, free unmetered bandwidth

  •    Option to choose a virtual server or shared web server

  •    Administration via a convenient cPanel or Plesk control panel

  •    Extensive security

  •    FREE data migration for all new customers

  •    Mirrored storage for data protection


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The best DNS response time DEAC

Consistent availability and the best DNS response time for your website

We will ensure Domain Name System (DNS) hosting and security of DNS infrastructure to obtain your websites consistent availability. Hosting allows to host several websites simultaneously, but every website needs a separate DNS domain or subdomain name.

Storage and IP address included DEAC

Storage and IP address included

Reliable storage and IP address for your web hosting. You will be able to store files of different format, games and other content.

Hosting that fits your business needs DEAC

Hosting that fits your business needs

DEAC experts will select a hosting type suitable for your business requests and will provide all the necessary support for data migration.

High security standards DEAC

Maintaining a consistently high level of security

Multistage physical and software protection, information protection and management standards that are confirmed with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2012 and PCI DSS certificates. Learn more!

Secure payments DEAC

Secure payments with DEAC

PCI DSS compliance provides payment card data storage, processing and transmitting in appliance with highest-level requirements.

High-speed website DEAC

High-speed website

The expanded telecommunication infrastructure in Europe contributes to the website high-speed download in the world. Along with CDN network (Content Delivery Network) an incredible high-speed site performance can be achieved.

Shared web hosting

DNS hosting

E-mail hosting

Dedicated hosting
(VDS hosting)

VPS hosting

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting – one physical server for more websites of different customer. You will host the website at DEAC public hosting resources with its unique IP address and high security level. Shared web hosting is the most beneficial solution as it allows using the power of a server shared with several customers.

Quality web hosting, along with VPS and VDS hosting, will significantly increase your download speed and site response time. Properly selected hosting will provide a quality business card for your brand, a flawless user experience of visitors and SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines prefer fast loading sites and refer them in SERP more often (Search Engine Results Page).

DNS hosting

DNS hosting records website’s name in internet domains catalogues (DNS - Domain Name Service). The domain number is unique, as well as IP address. Every time when entering your website’s name in the browser, a DNS search is taking place, and the website is opened only when the DNS data has been successfully retrieved.

E-mail hosting

E-mail hosting will provide your business complete data security, based on reliable infrastructure and HTTPS/SSL certificates. Data exchange between browser and equipment is encrypted. All data is backed up, that allows recovering information rapidly in case of an emergency. Let certified and experienced data center experts host your mail and forget about downtime issues. Your personal data will be safe at data centers you can trust.

Dedicated hosting (VDS hosting)

VDS hosting - a dedicated server rental to host websites of one or several customers. The user is assigned with administrator rights or root-access and the customer gets full control over the server. DEAC will take over maintenance and provide round-the-clock monitoring and administration of the equipment. VDS and VPS hosting are provided using SSD drives (Solid State Drive), that are significantly faster than traditional hard drives. Thus, the maximum performance of equipment is achieved and that accelerates the website operation speed.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting - a combined solution of shared and VDS hosting. The website is hosted in virtual dedicated environment and is not influenced by website of other customers. The administrator access is provided through the dedicated channel. The computing power of VPS hosting can be increased or reduced rapidly. The core of VPS hosting is a cloud solution that combines hardware and software components to achieve maximum performance.

Regardless of the choice – VDS, VPS or DNS hosting, you will get a service of the highest quality that will provide an excellent operation of the website. DEAC will take care of necessary updates and maintenance according to worldwide security standards. You will no longer need to worry about slowly working website.