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IoT Big Data Cloud Hosting

... IoT Big Data Cloud Hosting
IoT Big Data Cloud Hosting


Are you using IoT devices connected with smart monitoring and alerting toolkit for your business and they are producing data so fast your IT system cannot handle? DEAC's secured and powerful Cassandra or InfluxDB IoT cloud platform will help!

Your data will be securely stored in DEAC's Big Data capable IoT cloud platform. We will set up highly used and effective Cassandra or InfluxDB Big Data IoT platforms that will be ready for your specialized front-end monitoring applications. In addition, you will be able to add secure connection, backup schedules, as well as administration, monitoring and SLA levels.

IoT Scheme DEAC

Our provided IoT (Internet of Things) platform will receive data from all your IoT devices every second and we will take care of your Cassandra or InfluxDB database hosting, management and upgrades. NoSQL database will provide mechanism for storage and retrieval of data and will be perfect match for your scale and agile applications.

IoT smart monitoring and data storing applications' usage significantly increases and provides remarkable benefits for enterprises.

Iot big data cloud hosting DEAC

Control of your business processes

Whether they are IoT devices used to control micro climate changes for indoor plant and crop farming enterprises, to register different types of statistics in warehouses or production effectiveness or to control and manage overall production, IoT online statistics make it possible to control business processes.

Iot big data cloud hosting DEAC

Increased security level

Collect statistics and decrease possible inconsistencies much faster than before. DEAC IoT cloud platform is a powerful and secure place for your Big Data and it's management.

Reliable and smooth IT operations DEAC

Reliable and smooth IT operations

DEAC’s IoT cloud platform ensures high performance, security, and availability for reliable and smooth IT operations.

Quickly adapt resources when you need DEAC

Quickly adapt resources when you need

Our reliable data centers and ready to use computing platform allow quickly increase resources when your data amount increases.

Why trust us?

  • High security data centers in strategically significant points in Europe

  • Professional experts with more than 20 years experience and support 24/7

  • IT solutions to set up your main and backup data center

  • Compliance with internationally recognized standards

  • Global network coverage and operator independent fiber network

Iot big data cloud hosting DEAC


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