Microsoft Exchange email hosting

Looking for suitable email hosting solution according to your requirements? No need to look further as Microsoft Exchange email solution provides easy operation from any place in the world, at the same time guaranteeing your data security and compatibility with various devices. Email users can enjoy wide functionality of the service as well as contact management, calendar, notes, public folders and many other extra options. DEAC experts will create a perfect match email hosting solution right for your needs!

Microsoft Exchange email hosting solution will improve efficiency and security of your work, while allowing to adjust according to individual business needs. The solution is based on Microsoft Exchange mail server platform and provides enhanced Antivirus and Antispam protection. In order to use Microsoft Exchange email solution, there is no need to purchase expensive licenses; you can rent them for required amount of users. DEAC provides email system with centralized backup and email disaster recovery for emergencies, when emails are deleted. Choose secure place for your email hosting – DEAC Private Data Centers located in Riga, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Kiev, Amsterdam and London!

In case you need to migrate your data from another mail server to Microsoft Exchange server, no worries – our experts will plan this process so that it runs smoothly without downtime. We will make sure migration process is accurate to minimize any possible disruption to your business processes.

Microsoft Exchange email hosting DEAC
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MS Exchange support &

MS Exchange mail server

Microsoft Exchange email is available as an installed program on a workstation or remotely via SSL connection Internet browser from any place and on any device all over the world. Our IT experts will take care of your mail server located in one of our secure data centers – it will be up and running! Choose strategic point of presence for your business! The solution’s mailbox capability is unlimited, and we will ensure continuity of your work.

Enjoy guaranteed uptime delivery for your mail server not lower than 99.95%, but in reality experience 99.99%. For your convenience, our customer support is available 24/7/365. Don’t forget to choose the required service level for any issue solving according to desired SLA!

Microsoft Exchange email hosting is available as a standalone service or you can improve your productivity with Microsoft Exchange Server solution still keeping sensitive business information secure and maintaining required control. The main difference in the second case is that you can store information on your own servers in safe DEAC data centers with required infrastructure for your business continuity. Microsoft Exchange Server and email hosting service provide you absolute experience of business-class email solution. Enjoy better work and collaborate effectively!



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