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Microsoft Exchange e-mail

... Microsoft Exchange e-mail
Microsoft Exchange e-mail

Microsoft Exchange e-mail solutions provides easy operation from any place in the world, at the same time guaranteeing your data security and compatibility with various devices. E-mail users can enjoy wide functionality of the service as well as contact management, calendar, notes, public folders and many other extra options.

Administrative management DEAC Data synchronization DEAC The safest virtual platform DEAC

Easy to use from various devices

All you need is an internet connection and your preferred software to access the e-mail

Data synchronization


Information is available simultaneously on all the devices you use to connect to the e-mail: DEAC data centers provide uninterrupted e-mail operation

Safe to use from any part of the world

Maximum protection of e-mail correspondence, latest anti-virus protection, automatic spam filtering and other options

The solution will improve efficiency and security of your work, while allowing to adjust according to individual business needs. The solution is based on Microsoft Exchange server platform and provides enhanced Antivirus and AntiSPAM protection. In order to use the solution, there is no need to purchase expensive licences, you can rent them for required amount of users. DEAC provides e-mail system centralized backup and e-mail disaster recovery, even when the e-mails were deleted.
E-mail is available as an installed program on a workstation, or can be accessed remotely via SSL connection internet browser from any place and any device in the world. The solution’s mailbox capability is unlimited.

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