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Data backup is not a whim or a luxury, but an essential guarantee of preservation of sensitive information, which often affects the existence of your business.




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Gundars Kulups from European data center operator DEAC discusses flexibility and agility in implementing complex data center solutions, as well as how innovative a powerful virtual platform can be.




Superfast solutions DEAC

Data center solutions can become a powerful tool to cut costs on IT, focus on business development and reduce risks of losing sensitive data down to minimum. But when it comes to the last phase of the project, many companies face IT development projects struggle due to the lack of time – misalignment between what businesses want and when it can receive a solution can affect business performance, competitiveness and opportunity for growth.




DEAC superfast data center services

Leveraging the superfast Internet connectivity available to DEAC - rated fourth best in the World by Forbes Magazine ahead of the likes of the Netherlands and the USA - we have expanded our services through our data center locations, providing key services to our customers in just one hour after agreeing a deal!



DEAC IT outsourcing in Western Europe and North America

As one of the fastest growing data center operators in Northern Europe, we have launched our expansion beyond current operations and started a move further afield into the UK, US and German markets. Since we began providing services in Northern Europe and Russia we have seen our revenue grow by up to 60% in the last four years. This success has resulted in a re-investment into the organisation as we continue the ambitious plans for growth.




DEAC benefits of Cloud Computing

Within the last few years discussions about a cloud, cloud computing, private and public cloud have become increasingly popular. Every entrepreneur is looking for maximum profit from IT (information technologies) tools while investing less. By now, cloud is beneficial to companies willing to reduce expenses and increase business efficiency, therefore almost unlimited options and extensive tools make cloud attractive to many companies, as well as government institutions and individuals.

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